How to get more beautiful with natural makeup tips 2019

Getting a natural look with makeup is a complex task then you can even think. It's all about choosing the right makeup and applying it accurately

Getting a natural look with makeup is a complex task then you can even think. It’s all about choosing the right makeup and applying it accurately. As you do not want to look too bright or too dark, so having natural makeup requires some tips and skills. You need to choose the colors close to your skin tone to get a perfect look. The custom boxes used to pack cosmetic gives you an idea about the nature of the product. Still, some tips are needed from experts to guide you throughout the process. Below are some of the natural makeup tips of 2019 to get more beautify:

  • Hydrate your Skin:

Getting a natural look is all about getting healthy skin. So it’s important to hydrate it before the application of makeup. If you will skip this step, it is almost impossible to get a natural look with dull and dry skin. Start with exfoliating your skin if required. Use a toner or rose water and then add a lightweight moisturizer. It’s necessary to know your skin type. Choose moisturizer accordingly. The cardboard boxes used for lotions and creams explain that whether the product is made for dry, sensitive or normal skin. 

  • Use a Tinted Moisturizer instead of Foundation:

One of the most useful natural makeup tips of 2019 is to use a tinted moisturizer instead of a traditional foundation. It gives you a lighter coverage, letting your natural glow to shine through. Light or medium coverage is mostly recommended to get natural flawless skin. Although the custom printed boxes for foundation state that the product is meant for a natural look but try a tinted moisturizer is worth trying. 

  • Prefer Designed Tools to Blend:

The secret of getting a perfectly natural look lies in blending. Harsh lines on your face will show that you are wearing makeup. Make sure to blend everything properly. Use a large brush to blend the bronzer and powder under your chin and neck. Women often forget this step but artist recommend it to get a flawless natural finish. Secondly, always use designed tools to blend. Use foamy sponges meant for this purpose. You might get a couple of them with custom gift boxes for makeup. Doing it with fingers causes the makeup to look thick. Moreover, wash the sponges every time after use. 

  • Fake your Glow:

Sweep the highlighter over the cheekbone, brow bone and inner eye corner to show that you are glowing from inside. Although it’s the highlighter which makes your skin glow but applying it in this way radiates light naturally. Same is the case with bronzer. Blend it along your jawline, temple, and cheekbone to get a natural look. Some instructions to apply are also stated on printed packaging boxes but getting the tips from experts is worth considering. 

  • Buy Natural-Looking Mascara:

Mascaras are available in a large variety in the market. The one with a thin, comb-like brush gives a more natural look than the one with flat and thick brush. Find lengthening mascara which is made from natural fibers. They do not give a heavy look like that of typical waterproof mascara. Read the details of custom cardboard boxes before purchasing the product. Lengthening tends to leave fewer clumps on eyelashes giving them a natural touch. Black mascara is often used by most of the women though a brown one also works well.

  • Stick with a Natural-Colored Lip Tint:

Using any lip color, gloss, stain or a lip balm close to your natural lip color works well. Read the shade stated on custom packaging boxes. Choose a light pink or mauve one. Matte formulas give a more natural look than glossy ones. Using a pink lip pencil with a balm looks good and keeps your lips hydrated. 

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