Why You Should Make the Switch to Organic Natural Cosmetics

The natural and organic beauty movement continues gaining momentum thanks to growing consumer awareness around product safety, sustainable practices,

The natural and organic beauty movement continues gaining momentum thanks to growing consumer awareness around product safety, sustainable practices, and reducing our environmental impact. But what defines “natural” in personal care? Should you overhaul your beauty routine? How do you even begin finding clean, green products that work? Great questions! Read on for a deep yet digestible download.

I’ll break down what constitutes natural in cosmetics, give reasons to embrace the au natural approach, outline must-have product attributes to scan for, and share my top natural skincare brand recommendations chosen for efficacy, ethics, and delightfulness. Get ready to elevate your beauty rituals with eco-wise products that nurture skin + spirit.

Key Attributes Defining “Natural Cosmetics”

Natural cosmetics center high proportions of botanical ingredients grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They rely on renewable raw plant materials while avoiding petrochemicals derived from finite fossil fuels. Labels like “organic,” “wildcrafted,” “fair trade,” “vegan,” and “cruelty-free” indicate both natural origins and ethical production methods. Reputable natural brands also seek respected green certifications like Ecocert, Nature, or BDIH to substantiate eco-positive practices.

Four Compelling Reasons to Embrace Organic Beauty for a Natural Glow

1. Feed Skin More Nutrient-Dense Botanical Ingredients

Plants contain abundant antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and more to nourish skin health. By gifting skin nature’s wisdom, you’ll see improved elasticity, hydration, radiance, regeneration and youthfulness. Ditch-depleting synthetics for nourishing botanicals.

2. Avoid Harmful Synthetic Ingredients

Conventional body care products often contain preservatives, stabilizers, foaming agents, fragrances, and other ingredients derived from petrochemicals. These synthetics get absorbed into the bloodstream and can irritate sensitive skin, disrupt hormonal balance, and accumulate in tissues over time. Natural cosmetics exclude these risky ingredients through clean formulas.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint + Plastic Use

The production of synthetic chemicals requires significant energy and finite resources. However, growing botanical plants synthesizes carbon. You shrink your environmental footprint by choosing biodegradable plant-based formulas sold in recyclable green packaging. Consider supporting zero waste and carbon-neutral natural brands.

4. Feel Good About Your Purchases

Natural brands focused on ethical biodegradable ingredients, sustainable practices and eco-positive missions spread joy about your purchasing products. Many smaller natural brands also give back to environmental causes. Let your purchases do good!

What to Look For When Choosing Natural Beauty Products

When evaluating green brands, seek out formulas where:

  • Ingredient lists sound recognizable and botanic
  • Plants are grown organically and ethically-sourced
  • Formulas exclude parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances
  • Packaging is recyclable, refillable, and eco-friendly
  • Terms like “cruelty-free” and “vegan” align with your values
  • Respected natural certifications back up claims

Also, consider what sustainable practices they uphold, reviews on the efficacy of their creams, oils, and other natural care products, and whether their mission resonates. How far does the butterfly effect of your purchase travel?

My Top 10 Clean Beauty Brand Recommendations

Want to dip your toes in while ensuring stellar results? After extensive independent testing, I stand firmly behind these eco-wise green beauty brands crafting effective self-care products imbued with soulful artistry:

1. Green People

2. Neal’s Yard Remedies

3. Dr. Hauschka


5. RMS Beauty

6. Kosas

7. The Honey Pot Company

8. 100% Pure

9. Herbivore Botanicals

10. Naturopathica

Commit to the Au Natural Beauty Shift

I encourage you to audit your current routine by asking questions about ingredients, sourcing, sustainability, and ethics. Then, incrementally make upgrades to products nurturing skin health + spreading planetary positivity. Tiny acts, when multiplied by millions, transform the world for the better. Your complexion and the planet will endlessly thank you!

Key Recaps:

  • Natural cosmetics rely on botanicals grown sans chemicals
  • They absorb safer, reduce environmental impacts
  • Choosing eco-wise natural products benefits health + earth
  • Scan for plants, organics, certifications, green practices, and ingredients like und and haut when choosing your natural care products.
  • Many unique natural brands create safe, effective products.