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How Do Medical Alarms Help Seniors?

It’s common knowledge that aging often leads to a decline in physical and mental health. While not everybody suffers from a serious health condition w

It’s common knowledge that aging often leads to a decline in physical and mental health. While not everybody suffers from a serious health condition when they reach old age, the risk of falls and cognitive decline both increase.

Maintaining independence is important as we get older but it also carries a risk of falls and injuries. Millions of elderly adults live alone, meaning it’s much harder to get medical attention if and when they take a tumble.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seniors report a total of around 36 million falls every year. With this figure in mind, it’s no wonder that elderly adults are becoming more afraid of falling over, especially if they live alone.

It’s not just falling over that the senior population is worried about when they live on their own. It’s also personal safety and security. Thefts and attacks are prevalent and just the very thought of this can provoke anxiety in the elderly.

Medical Alarms for the Elderly

Medical safety alarms can be a helpful tool for seniors to maximize safety and security at home and in public. Also known as personal safety alarms or fall alarms, are small devices that can be carried on your person.

A medical alarm gets activated immediately if the individual falls over or feels that they are in danger, whether at home or in public. Depending on the type of safety alarm that they have, it will either emit a very loud noise or put the person in contact with medical personnel.

Most medical alarms are small enough to hide in a bag or they can be worn around the neck where they are visible to potential attackers. When kept somewhere that is easily accessible, they can be activated quickly and easily to keep the elderly adult safe. 

Why Should You Get a Personal Safety Alarm as a Senior?

There are many reasons why you can benefit from carrying a medical alarm on your person as an older adult.

Fall Prevention

Some medical alarms can aid elderly fall prevention. When attached to clothing, the alarm gets pulled and is activated within seconds. This type of medical alarm is more commonly known as a fall alarm, and it’s used in personal and professional settings. 

Many older adults like to keep fall alarms on their person while at home so that they can get help if they fall over. Nursing homes and residential settings also use fall alarms to ensure the ongoing safety of the residents.

Immediate Medical Help

Medical alarms draw attention to the individual by emitting a loud sound or by contacting emergency services. If a senior falls to the ground or feels that their safety is in danger, the alarm enables them to get the help that they need.

If the senior becomes gets injured after a fall or attack, medical personnel will be at the scene within minutes. The quicker the individual gets medical treatment for any injuries that they have sustained, the better the chances of full recovery.

Act as a Deterrent

Because seniors are often more fragile and less able to run away, they are a target for attackers. However, a potentially dangerous individual is less likely to attack an older adult if they spot a medical alarm around their neck. 

Personal safety alarms act as deterrents in and of themselves, preventing attackers from making their move. If an attack does occur, the elderly adult can activate their alarm immediately to get help.

If the alarm emits a loud noise, it will alert those nearby and may scare the attacker away. Seniors with electronic medical alarms can contact emergency services and get medical attention straight away.

The professional emergency team can either provide on-site treatment or take the senior to the nearest hospital for more intensive medical treatment.

Increased Independence

Being an older adult can come along with lots of worries and struggles around independence. Declines in physical and mental health can cause seniors to rely more on those around them in their daily lives.

One of the main reasons why older adults need more support and assistance is because they are worried about falling over and not being able to contact anybody for help. Carrying a medical alarm resolves this problem and promotes independence by providing a metaphorical safety net for seniors.

Knowing that they can quickly get help if they get into a difficult situation at home will help the older adult to relax a little more and feel confident doing things for themselves.