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Choose the Best TV Unit for Your Style

Whether you’re a keen television viewer or only find yourself sitting in front of the box for family movie night, a TV unit will always be a welcome

Whether you’re a keen television viewer or only find yourself sitting in front of the box for family movie night, a TV unit will always be a welcome addition to your viewing experience.

Whilst TV units are probably not at the forefront of your living room design considerations, they can make a huge impact. There are many options out there to choose from. Whether it be large or small, printed or stained, different materials and sizes you can find whatever your need at 1825 Interiors, our large selection of TV units aims to provide the perfect balance between style and functionality. Follow the tips below and rest assured that you’ll have the best tips and tricks to purchase the perfect TV unit for you and your family.

First Things First: It’s Time to Get out the Measuring Tape

Once you’ve decided where you want your new TV unit to go in your home, carefully measure the available space. These measurements represent the maximum dimensions for your unit.  Leave a few inches of free space on either side of your unit, enough that you can reach behind in case of emergencies.

Measure the television’s width, length and depth. For the ideal ratio between your TV and unit, choose a design that is ten centimetres longer than your TV on both sides.

Consider the size of the room your television will be placed in. This is important step, as it will play a part in the scale and overall balance of the room. 

Consider Those Who’ll Also Use the TV and the Area Around It

If your children use the television to play video games, a smaller TV unit with a reasonably slim profile would be the best choice. Although the Tuscan Small TV Unit is smaller in frame, there is plenty of storage underneath where they can conveniently store their Play station unit and games. 

And if you and your family spent a lot of time watching movie or Netflix at home a larger TV unit with plenty of shelves and cabinets is a great way to increase storage space within your home plus, you can put additional picture frames. The Vintage Large TV unit is large in its structure and has a lot of space to store your devices and knick-knacks. 

Consider the storage solution you require within your home. Closed drawers can hide your clutter, while shelves store the devices that are always in use and need air circulation to prevent overheating.

TV Unit Design and Style 

Focus on three key factors when searching for a TV unit: colour, storage and material. These points will guide your decision making and ensure you purchase a unit that will fit within your home’s aesthetic.

Match the medium of your television unit with other pieces of furniture in the room. If your couch has wooden legs, select a TV unit that is also made from wood like our Hamptons TV unit. Defined by horizontal layering, a weathered, white-washed patina and turned legs, this unit will make a simple and chic addition to your space. 

When considering storage, select a unit that suits your needs with the right combination of shelves, drawers and cupboard space.

Organise the colour of your unit with the rest of your furniture. If your room is filled with light toned furniture, opt for a light unit like our Florence base TV unit. The signature ivory wash will brighten your lounge area, while being a neutral colour that can adapt and change to any style. 

Following these simple guidelines, you can shop with confidence, armed with all the information you need to select the perfect TV unit for your home. 

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