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Towable Generators Keep Equipment Running

Towable generators come in many sizes to suit the needs of users. Mobile towable generators are diesel generators that offer transportable power for

Towable generators come in many sizes to suit the needs of users. Mobile towable generators are diesel generators that offer transportable power for industrial and construction use.  There are models that let users switch to various voltage for use with a variety of applications. For single voltage applications, the single voltage models are used. These are specially designed to be a reliable source of power.

There are many types of generators on the market for all types of applications. The demand for these machines is on the rise due to a shortage of electricity in many developing areas and due to the increase in the incidence of power outages caused by natural disasters. In the United States, storms and hurricanes are now more frequent due to climate change. When you think of buying a unit look at the various options you have.

The portable RV generators fall in the category of recreational generators. If you want one for your RV, look for the new inverter technology as it makes the unit run quietly without disturbing the environment. Inverters produce a low sine wave and are now more preferable as all of us use sensitive devices like laptops and cell phones that have a micro-circuitry. This way the devices remain safe from damage. Most portable units run on gasoline or diesel. Now there are also some inverter models on the market that run on battery and require absolutely no fuel as these models do not have an engine, hence are a very good option.

There are also the portable residential generators on the market that can be used for powering up basic essentials such as pumps, sump pumps, furnaces, refrigerators, freezers, lights, and coffee makers. These are also good for use with electrical tools that we use in the garden or at the construction site. You can find a large variety of models of different wattages that run on gasoline, L.P., natural gas, or all three. Buying a dual fuel unit saves you from many hassles when the storm is right around the corner. When the gasoline runs out you can always use your kitchen line to run the unit on natural gas, instead of going out to get gasoline.

If you are looking for a portable generator for construction or industrial site look into the single- phase gas or diesel models or the three-phase diesel models. You can find reliable high cycle models that generate 60 Hz power ideal for standard tools and generate 180Hz power for high cycle advanced equipment. 

The mobile towable generators are a workhorse and offer movable power for industrial use and for construction sites. Get the switchable voltage models so you can use it for various voltage applications.   For home use, the standby generators are a perfect choice. In areas that have extreme weather adding a generator increases the value of the house. It also improves the lifestyle of residents. In the event of a grid power failure, these standby units will power up your air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, and all other essentials. Get a model with an automatic transfer switch to eliminate the need to turn the generator on. 

A licensed electrician will wire the transfer switch to your electric panel and you can also choose which items to power and which to leave out in case of a utility power failure. You can leave an entire room out or an entire floor out if you like. These models start automatically when grid power goes out. Standby generators are also a common sight at industries and agricultural farms. For farming, you can also find generators that can be paired with your tractor.

Another type of generator offered on the market is the kind that can be mounted on vehicles. These are used for emergencies or spraying foam or used in the field of construction. They can be seen at work in oil fields and mining sites as well. The large diesel models generate up to 2000 kW of power while those mounted on trailers can give you 1000 kW of power. The models that run on gas have a lower output. 

For night games and to light up the constriction sites at night the towable light tower generators are ideal. These can illuminate an area of 19,526 ft2 (1,840 m2) and can be set up in just one minute. Models with a hitch are easy to tow and transport. These versatile generators come with LED lights that will last you a decade and are also backed by a 5-year limited warranty. The LED fixtures can be turned on or off independently. It is a great source of lighting for road construction and other applications. The compact design allows users to transport up to 19 towers on a single flatbed truck.

The Magnum series by Generac also has some very nice models that are worth a look. The trailer-mounted units offer 220kW, 250kVA, 60hz so the production cycle does not stop when utility power goes out. These models are outfitted with a John Deere turbo engine and meet emission regulations.

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