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The planet’s most adventurous travelers after having a glance of an ocean from a cliff, or giving lovers look to a peak of the mountain never-ever sa

The planet’s most adventurous travelers after having a glance of an ocean from a cliff, or giving lovers look to a peak of the mountain never-ever say, “Nice look!” rather they head back to their (m)hotel room and pack the essentials to mark and inscribe their name on that place by pushing their adrenalin from that cliff point or hoist the flag on the peak of that very mountain.

All this is done with little or no protection in extreme sports. The dewy age of new era’s exploration is all in context to self-realization of the self-esteem and how much fear one can bear to overcome the thrilling thrill.

1. Mountaineering, India, Nepal, and Afghanistan

The mountain adventurers spend their whole life in prowess the physical strength and the technical skills in climbing those high altitudes and steep slopes of the mountains. The type of happiness and joy after conquering the mountain is just unexplainable. The breath at the top is like “I’m different from others.” 

The feeling boosts the morale and confidence to overcome any hurdle of life. Some of the mountains to climb in Asia are very high in altitude plus some of them have very steep slopes like the mountains of the Himalayas of Nepal and India, Hindukush range in Afghanistan but beware of the wildlife too as the area has some big cats.

2. Skydiving in Pattaya, Thailand

What good demonstration of the extreme adventurous list if it has the absence of skydiving? Nowadays the sport has taken a sharp u-turn in people’s eyes. The game has caught a lot of attraction from the last few years. The thrill is experienced in Southeast Asia, Dubai over Palm islands. In Thailand, there are some drop points like Bangkok and Pattaya.

Now to ignite your thrill engine, the spark is provided by the jump from the plane, the moment you step off the plane, the adrenaline is high at the peak, at 12000 feet. The free fall lasts for almost 45 seconds to 60 seconds, but the wrecking adventure gets you nuts and is highly addictive.

One can choose places like Chonburi, Pattaya or a place close to Udon Thani, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia.

3. Cliff Jumping

Looks pretty easy, Nah! Ahhh, but it is not, the spook is felt by the only person who is standing at the jumping point. The thrill can be experienced anywhere where there is some gravity difference or some cliff which has water on the other side or at the ocean site with a cliff. The prerequisite is nothing except that a lot of courage and a swimsuit or a lifejacket in case the person does not know how to swim.

There are countless places on earth to enjoy the super sport. Still, the places like Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica fulfils the demand or Palawan in the Philippines.

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4. Adventure Biking, Thailand

Literally, one can enjoy this sport anywhere in Southeast Asia. There will be no hustle in finding the terrain, and every hilly area has adrenaline satisfying track to run the bike without pedalling. Thailand has got some really hunchback trails to run the bike. Gear up and start the biking through the forests’ lush and wonderful waterfalls and several terrains with varying topography which meets adventurer’s demands.

Via biking, one can also explore and lure the villages in between and can have the quick glance of the diverse population of the region. Chiang Mai has the perfect terrain to bike, and the slope is ridiculously awesome to keep your adrenaline spiked all the time. The site has eight hours of hiking and then tight grip off-road biking.

The other places to do biking in southeastern Asia are Bali, Ubud, and Vietnam too.

5. Ice Marathon

We are talking about the adventures which somehow releases our dopamine, and I don’t think by any means the traditional marathon releases that, but on the contrary, the ice on the frozen lakes, the buttery and super slippery glaciers do raise the goosebumps for once. The thought of breaking of ice at any point or even the single crack in the frozen ice of a pristine blue lake do ring the bells.

This is a fear, and fear gives birth to adrenaline, the adrenaline releases the dopamine when one is in action on this ice. Skating on the ice or running with a full-throttle scares you every moment of your run.

Experience the thrill in Antarctica, at the base of the Ellsworth Mountains, which offers horribly beautiful views. Before travelling, check some tips.

6. Sandboarding in Mui Ne, Vietnam

The region has acquired the title of one of the best sites to surf the sand across the globe. Mui Ne has some steep slopes of dunes where one can board the sand. The sport is way similar to snowboarding, the only significant difference here lies is that instead of ice we have sand. The two places where one can thrust his adrenaline are white sand dunes and the Red sand dunes. 

Both of these places share equal importance. The sandboards here are a bit of low quality but once which are available from the kiteboarding shops come with a proper gear which can be lent for some time.

Relish yourself in the sand of the Sahara dessert side by side enjoying the slight glimpses of the coastline.

Some other places to surf the board is La Paz Sand dunes in Ilocos, Philippines.

7. Bungee Jumping

Like the BASE jumping, this sport tests your real courage, thrill, and ends the fear part in you. Before jumping, everything is on the stakes. Knowingly that you are tied tightly and have all the preventive measures still one has to bear a lions heart to jump off the point. The free fall is unexplainable. Simply, there are no words to succinct the jump, and it’s that awesome!

Experience the thrill in Nevis near close to Queensland, New Zealand, where you will free fall for eight seconds, from the cabin snubbed over a gorge.

Final Sayings

With all these sports, one can feel the feel of rising dopamine in their substantia nigra and ventral tegmental area. The thrill in the adventurous sports has no match, unless where there some risk is involved.

The adventurous sport lowers down your fear part and somehow boosts one’s morale and confidence in daily routine.

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