Biotique Shampoo Review & Rating

Biotique Shampoo Review: Maintaining my hair has always been a tough job. We all want the right length, density, volume and luster and achieving it a

Biotique Shampoo Review: Maintaining my hair has always been a tough job. We all want the right length, density, volume and luster and achieving it all with one product seemed like a dream until I tried these 2 shampoos by Biotique that are 100% botanical and ayurvedic. These hair cleansers are ultimate formulas that are concentrated and packed with the goodness of natural ingredients. They promote healthy hair growth and eliminate hair problems like hair loss, hair fall, dandruff et cetera. Here are the formulas that I love and recommend to everyone out there. 

Bio Soya Protein Nourishing Shampoo Review

This nourishing shampoo has been a savior for me during winters especially. It is rich in soya protein and loaded with moisturizing properties. Enriched with berberry and wild turmeric, it cleanses the hair without ripping off the essential oils. Despite being natural and organic, it cleanses my hair well. It leaves the scalp fresh and tresses nourished and healthy. The blend of soya bean protein, berberry and wild turmeric in the shampoo also prevents the color fade, unlike other shampoos. After a few uses, the shampoo made my hair shinier and smoother. It also has almond oil, that strengthens and nourishes the hair. 

Texture: The texture of the shampoo is appropriate. It is neither too runny nor too thick. It lathers well and one bottle goes a long way. I require only 3-4 pumps for the entire length. 

Results: From the first use itself, my hair felt smoother, softer and detangled. Over a few uses, the need to shampoo my hair reduced as my scalp remained fresher and clean for longer than usual. 

Price: INR 299 for 400ml and INR 670 for 800ml. 

The Biotique Shampoo Review is decently priced given the long-lasting results and is worth buying. Even the 400ml bottle will last longer than 40 days. 

Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo Review 

Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo by Biotique is one another favorite of mine owing to its strengthening properties. The shampoo is crafted with pure kelp, natural proteins, peppermint oil and mint leaf extract that cleanses the hair, invigorates the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. This shampoo helped me regain the lost density of my hair. It not only reduces hair fall but also promotes new hair growth. 

Kelp is known to stimulate the roots and shafts and improve the blood flow to the scalp. This shampoo can help everyone suffering from hair loss, hair fall, and hair thinning.

Texture: The texture of the shampoo is light and gel-based. It is extremely refreshing and effective in cleansing the scalp. A small amount is enough to shampoo the scalp as well as medium length hair. 

Results: After using the shampoo, my scalp felt refreshed and clean. The hair feels more manageable and frizz-free as well. Over a period of time, my hair fall stopped completely, the density of my hair improved and the strands became thicker as well. 

Price: INR 99 for 120ml 

A bottle will easily last you a month and is worth more than the price. 
I bought these hair cleansers from Vanity Wagon, a natural and organic beauty marketplace. You too can check these out and shop the same on Vanity wagon.

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