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The digital marketer’s guide to increase daily productivity

Contrary to the common belief, being a digital marketer is certainly not a piece of cake. You have to juggle between numerous tasks like managing so

Contrary to the common belief, being a digital marketer is certainly not a piece of cake. You have to juggle between numerous tasks like managing social media profiles, sending emails, brainstorming new strategies, keeping a tap on SERP rankings and the list goes on and on.

With the number of activities, you need to complete in a single day, 24 hours pass in the blink of an eye. However, it is all the time there is and you have to boost your productivity and efficiency in order to sail your way to the top.

Today, I will discuss some determinants that will help you boost your daily productivity.

Set defined goals for the following months

Enthusiasm is the key to increasing your productivity. There are going to be days when all you want to do is laze around. However, frequent laze-around-days can hamper your ability to work considerably.

In order to avoid such days, it is advised that you set up some goals you want to achieve, say, in the next three months, you want 2000+ regular views on the client’s social media page. A specific target ahead of you will prove to be a constant motivation and prevent you from slacking off.

Take help from automation softwares and other tools

Thanks to technology, hours of strenuous manual work can now be wisely distributed among smart tools and softwares.

There are a variety of automation software both free and paid, available on the world wide web. For instance,Buffer can take care of your social media scheduling;Stillio can help you monitor your client’s competitors by taking regular screenshots and the list is practically never-ending. Most of these softwares are regulated by artificial intelligence and are designed to reduce the stress of time-consuming activities. Now that you are saving some hours, you have time to switch to your creative side and look for ‘What more!’

Reduce the time spent in meetings

According to a recent survey of more than 1400 professionals, around 46% of them think some of their meetings are a complete waste of time. If that didn’t blow up your mind – here’s another figure – an averageAmerican worker spends 4.5 hours in meetings and even longer preparing for these!

You definitely don’t want to fall into this trap and waste hours on non-productive discussions.

So, allocate specific dates and times for meetings. Do not attend a meeting as soon as it pops up, discuss whatever is required and leave the rest for emails or phone calls. Set an agenda for the meeting and stick to it. This will ensure that the meeting gets over in a shorter period of time resulting in increased productivity.

Don’t measure your work with the time spent

Most of us believe that the time spent working is synonymous with the amount of work done. However, in reality, the story is quite different. If you break down the time that you have spent working, you will notice that most of the hours were wasted in other chores (especially on the irresistible Instagram feed! 😉)

Instead of counting the total time you spend working, count the number of hours you are actually being productive. This will give you an incentive to increase your productive hours and along with it, the work you do.

Learn to delegate

I know that feeling of ‘I will do everything on my own and ensure top-notch services’. We have all been there. Believe me, it does not work for long. You will ultimately start to feel the burden on your shoulders leading to ineffectiveness and burnouts.

So instead, delegate! Skim through all the assigned tasks, pick out jobs that can be assigned to someone else, do it. This will not only help you focus on the other primary tasks but will also help you build a team in the long run.


If you just jumped here from an email half-written, you are definitely aware of the concept of multitasking. However, most of us tend to waste more time and reduce the quality of our work fumbling between various tasks.

Instead of multitasking all at once, multitask throughout the day. Focus on completing a single task before you move on to the next. This will guarantee un-diverted attention to help you accomplish goals in much lesser time and grab more projects.

Follow these tips and I am sure you will be able to inculcate a high-productivity work schedule very soon!