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Which is the best way to cure piles and anal fissures?

In today’s day and age, cases of anorectal diseases are increasing day-by-day. As the name implies, anorectal diseases are related to anus and rectum.

In today’s day and age, cases of anorectal diseases are increasing day-by-day. As the name implies, anorectal diseases are related to anus and rectum. Most common names in the list are cure piles and anal fissures.

Piles or hemorrhoids are the medical conditions in which veins or tissues surrounding anus or rectum get swollen. Whereas, anal fissure is a tear or cut in the lining of the anal canal or anus. There are many reasons like long-hours sitting jobs, lack of physical activities, chronic constipation, obesity which lead to such diseases. These are common in both middle-aged females and males and remain untreated or undiagnosed for a long time. People often feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to discuss issues related to parts like anus or rectum with physicians.

So, if you are suffering from any of anorectal disease, then don’t bear the pain silently. Nowadays, there are numbers of options available for the treatment of piles and anal fissures.

  • Home treatments:

In the initial stages of piles, some people prefer to cure piles with home remedies like having a fibrous rich diet, drink an adequate amount of water in a day, apply ice several times a day to reduce pain, use of the cleansing agent or stool softener and more. In some cases, positive results come with home remedies; however, these are not more than any hit or trial scheme. You can’t expect long time results from such treatments.

  • Open Surgical methods:

In terms of definition, surgery relates to cuts or incisions. In the surgical method, a physician makes a small cut to treat piles or fissures. However, there are many risks involved in surgical procedures like

  • Postoperative pain: As the anus is the sensitive part of the body, so if you operate it, then even the bowel movements become softer, you feel the pain., you cannot resume your daily routine works for weeks.
  • Bleeding: As cuts or incisions go synonymous to surgical treatments, so in some cases, bleeding may happen for some days after the surgery.
  • Infection: Degree of complications and side effects are different from person to person, so in some cases, patients may suffer from anal or large intestine’s infections.
  • Advanced Surgical Method –  laser treatment:

The most preferable or advanced method for the treatment of anorectal diseases is laser surgical treatment. With the advancement of technology, now doctors operate diseases without any cut or stitch. The laser is high energy radiation which can easily penetrate to cut or burn the damaged or affected area. It hardly takes 15-20 minutes to treat piles or anal fissure with laser treatment. There are numbers of benefits of using laser surgical treatment over conventional surgical methods including:

High success rate: the most prominent reason for shifting the focus from conventional surgery to laser treatment is the high success rate.  In case of piles, the controlled emission of light is sufficient to cut off the supply of blood to hemorrhoids or piles, so that they die and fall off. Whereas in case of anal fissures the light energy regulates blood supply and sphincter’s pressure.  

  • Low risk of infection: As laser treatment follows no cut, no stitch policy so, there are minimum chances of any infection.
  • Least chances of recurrence of piles or fissure: If you take proper care and diet, then the chances of recurrence are low for both fissure and piles as laser energy leads to fibrotic regeneration. It means it gives rise to new connective tissue to connect the mucosal layer with underlying tissues.
  • Faster recovery: In general, patients treated with laser technique, show faster recovery over others. They get back to their daily routine activities after 3-4 days of treatment.
  • Minimal postoperative pain: Patients don’t need to pay post-operative pain for too long. In fact, instead of pain, they feel burning which also lasts for not more than a week.  

Remember, your early actions against anorectal disease may help to cure them permanently. So, contact the experts for laser treatment as soon as possible.  

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