Remote Location Jobs for You at Your Fingertips

With increasing household responsibilities, it is evident that many women are looking for job opportunities from the remote location.  The search for

With increasing household responsibilities, it is evident that many women are looking for job opportunities from the remote location.  The search for remote jobs has surged during recent times because many are looking out for the ways to balance their work and personal life. Even many students are looking for this work from home jobs to add some extra money to their pocket during their leisure time.  

Though there is a massive demand for these home based jobs across the world, there is fear of a big scam too. Get deceived by the employer with no payment for the work. Few online scams do ask you to go for paid training to get the work further to some money. How legitimate are these job offers?   Many of unsure about this. What if you are not paid for your long hours of work? You need to the jobs through legitimate job portals that offer listings of only remote jobs.

As the entire job listings on the portal are published after verification, you can be assured about the payment from the employer, if the employer approves your application.  There are different types of online jobs one can choose from.

Data entry jobs

This is the most famous work from chosen by many homemakers and students across the world. As the job does not require any special skills apart from good typing speed and knowledge on Ms- Office. Data entry jobs are considered as the most desirable work from home hob opportunities for many.


Editorial services are another excellent work from jobs one can consider to earn a good deal of income. To conduct this job efficiently, one needs to have sound knowledge of the English language or any other language they are considering to work on. This is very good work opportunity for retired professors who want to add some extra money to their pockets. With the e-books gaining popularity over the traditional ones, you can find plenty of editorial/proofreader jobs that give you an option to earn by working from home.

Content writer  

If you are good at your creative side and can nail the content to engage the online reader throughout, you can consider picking the job. Content remains to one of the pillars on which the popular digital marketing is built on.  The job opportunity is high in demand as many companies are into digital marketing to promote their business online. You can make a good deal of money through this job option if you are good at your English skills.

Transcription jobs

These are attractive job opportunities that can be considered when you choose to earn by working from home. You will be a medical transcriptionist. All you need is good listening skills to conduct the job correctly.  As a part of the job responsibility, you need to hear the prescription of the doctor to the patient and detail them in the mail to the patient in detail. Having medical knowledge is an added advantage.

Survey jobs

These are popular online jobs in countries like the US. However, these are becoming popular options in countries like India too. The companies conduct online surveys to get opinions about the products and services they offer. These surveys are paid by most of the companies, and the payment for the survey depends on the complexity of the survey.

Online chat jobs   

Companies today are offering multiple channels to enable customers to connect with them comfortably. If you have challenges to communicate to the office every day to conduct the job, you can choose to go with online chat jobs. These jobs don’t offer you the flexibility to work part-time. However, you can easily work on the job for a fixed salary working from the comfort of home.

Audio to text

As a part of this job responsibility, you need to convert audio to text. It requires you to have advanced listing skills and typing skills. You need to convert large audio files to text and complete the job effectively. You also need to have good English skills to complete the job.