6 Reasons Why People Love to Travel

While reading this now that you are in your comfortable home in the metro, Vermosa or wherever, have you thought about breaking away your usual routin

While reading this now that you are in your comfortable home in the metro, Vermosa or wherever, have you thought about breaking away your usual routine? Maybe most, if not all, of us have wanted to catch some waves or go on some adventures. However, some people are not fond of travelling for some reasons. And if you belong to the second group, you should continue reading this short blog.

Although some people find joy and pleasure in travelling, there are others who despise travelling. Maybe not dislike, but they just don’t want to go out to other places. Perhaps it is too time-consuming or demanding to their busy schedule, do not have enough money to finance their trip, uncomfortable visiting other sites, or maybe they just do not want to travel. But hey, have you ever wondered why people love to go? If not, then we will give you a couple of reasons why:

We Need Break

With all the hassle and bustle that the metro or our busy lifestyle (work, school, other engagements) gives us, we need time to breathe and relax. Who wouldn’t want to have an excellent work-life balance, right? Though not all of us have the luxury or capabilities to travel from time to time, we dedicate special funds and period to take a break or to travel.

Travelling is an excellent way to spend a good break. Instead of spending your free days at home, you go out and fly for you to have a taste of something new. Really, we need to spice up our lives and go out of our comfort zones. Like what others say, we grow and develop thru adversities and while taking risks.

Avenue to meet new people

Whether you are travelling alone, with a friend or group, it is always an opportunity for you to widen your connections and meet new people. If you come to think of it, the people we associate ourselves with are just a few compared to a lot more whom we can still meet.

Whenever I am out to travel, I make time to talk to the drivers, tour guides and to random locals (aside from my mates who are also going out). I think of it as a particular time to talk to these people that I might not be able to meet again. At least, when I go back to my place, I have lots of narratives to tell the people I have met. In these instances, is where we can also learn about their lives, about the place, and whatnot.

Desire to Create New Experiences

Life is too short for us to be trapped in our usual routines. Like what I said earlier, we have to break free and take time to create new memories for us to learn and develop. Travelling is a nice way where we could make fresh experiences. Every visit is a new memory to create, no matter how many times you have come to the place already.

If you will be sitting in your rocking chair and inviting your grandchildren to listen to your stories, what experiences are you going to tell them? We do not discredit your fun stuff at home but would it be better that you share them some things about the places that have looked different from they see now? How you felt while going inside the caves in Sagada, how you sweat while you were in a rice field heading to a falls, and so much more. Who knows, you might inspire your future kids or grandkids to set themselves up for some adventures in the future.

Time to Reflect

I cannot stress any further the importance of reflection. It is thinking deeply about your decisions in life, your plans, or any matter that you feel is relevant to you (and also to society). It is quite challenging to reflect while we are in or surrounded by distracting noise. Even the long drives, stroll in a park where you are travelling is a good spot to think or reflect. Sometimes we really have to go back to our senses for us to be able to pull things together.

There’s so much in the world to be explored

In the Philippines alone, we have more than 7,000 islands. Imagine how many countries, regions, and continents we have in the world. The number of seas, oceans and other bodies of water waiting for us to try and test it. We are indeed just a speck in this earth leaving us awed with how enormously big it is.

The question is will you let yourself be contained or take a risk to explore and go on an adventure? The decision will always be in our hands.

Lastly, we only live once. Time is something we cannot bring back once it is has passed. Therefore, we have to seize it and make the most out of what we have. So maybe if you have the opportunity and resources to at least go to a nearby beach or province, you might want to go for it and consider the positions we presented to you.

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