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Hacking Midterm Tests: Last Minute Tips to Ace Any of Your Exam

“Of course it is hard. It is supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great” –Author Unknown Midterm season is

“Of course it is hard. It is supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great” –Author Unknown

Midterm season is around you, and as a student this makes you inordinately anxious.

After all, taking an exam that is worth a huge fraction of your entire grade (and which could potentially dictate whether you pass or fail this semester) is no joke and can be incredibly nerve-wracking.

In your humble opinion, you think you have sufficiently studied.

You have pored over your books over the last few weeks, reviewed your notes during the day, wrote cue cards on your free time and have prepared all the educational supplies required to excel in this exam. Indeed, all your tears, sweat (and at times, blood even) are true testaments to how hard you have been working and how you have been burning your midnight candle just to ensure you would get an excellent grade. However, your agitation and nerves would tell you otherwise and that your endeavors are inadequate. Not to worry, that might be simply your overworked self and stress signaling you to take a bit of a break. However, if you insist on being perfectly prepared for the exam, then take a gander at the last minute tips you can do so that come exam day, not only will you feel prepared but are relaxed as well.

  • Talk to your professors

No matter how hard you try to demonize them, the truth is your professors want to see you succeed. In this regard, you should not hesitate in asking or talking to them about the test. Ask them any questions as regards the subject or if there is anything you feel unsure about, be sure to approach them. If you need further study and clarification, ask if they can steer you towards the direction of someone else who might be able to offer their expertise or tutelage as regards the subject. This may be another student who has excelled in their class.

  • Make a study schedule

As the day of the midterm gets nearer, you would need to be more prudent in using your time. After all, midterm examinations are not made for a sole subject only and it is highly likely that you would be studying for your other subjects as well. In this regard, it is best if you created a study schedule where everything in plotted on the table. Dedicate the most time to subjects that are a bit of a challenge to you, but remember to include all of your subjects.

  • Rewrite all of your notes into a study guide

 While it might seem like another extra arduous task that would only eat up your time, rewriting all of your notes into a study guide will actually help you retain the information better. Moreover, it gives you notes a semblance of organization and points you to thinks that you do and do not need to know. Sure, it might seem like extra work and you do not really need to do all that writing, but you will be surprised at how much you would remember just through repetition.

  • Get your friends to help you study

Whether it is quizzing you or simply reminding you that you need to be studying, working with your friends can be a lot of help. Nobody is a lone island and when it is crunch time, you are going to need all of the help you can get. Sure, you might think that you have everything locked down and can remember every single piece of information, but you would be surprised that there are some things you have forgotten when your friend starts quizzing you. Moreover, getting your friends to help means there would be an exchange of information and techniques. Some of your friends might be better than you at a particular subject and can offer to help you refine your technique.

  • Do not worry

Last, but definitely not the least is not to worry. Do not stress about it, you are going to do just fine. Just do your best and let it all fall into place. You know you have worked hard for this, so just have faith in what you have studied. Stressing out too much can lead to a mental breakdown and may even cause you to black out on exam day. So breathe, relax, take care of yourself, take reasonable breaks and do not stress.