Going Camping? A Must Have Checklist for Hikers.

Camping should be an enjoyable experience and should be done with the right company. One should make sure that they have all the required items before

Camping should be an enjoyable experience and should be done with the right company. One should make sure that they have all the required items before leaving their homes. In addition, some other people do not even have an idea of what to place in that packing bag.

In this piece, I will be sharing my camping checklist.

Hiking backpack

A backpack is a very important item. The size, weight and space are some of the factors that you might consider when purchasing a backpack. You need a backpack that is comfortable and can fit all your items.

Sleeping items

On this checklist, I would add the sleeping bags, sleeping pads and a camping pillow. You want to feel as comfortable sleeping out in the woods just as you would in your bed.

Gadgets to help with direction: handheld GPS and hiking compass.

What would possibly happen if you lost track of your hiking route? If the language barrier happens to strike you, what could you do? That’s where these gadgets come in handy. Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone to navigate the woods.

Trekking poles

I didn’t see the need for a trekking pole when I was getting started with hiking. Over time, this is one item that I cannot leave the house without. Trekking poles provide support while going downhill as well as paving the route in the woods.

Water filters and or water purifiers

Hydration is very important to our bodies especially if we get dehydrated. We need to replace the lost water. Drinking water during hikes comes with some health benefits. What happens should you run out of water? Where to get extra water? I wouldn’t really advice consuming water from the rivers in the woods without purifying it first.

Hiking boots or hiking shoes

You need either of the two when planning to hike. I wouldn’t choose between the two, it all depends on one’s taste and preferences.

Camping gear

On this point, let’s focus our attention on these four items: Hiking socks, Hiking pants, Rain jacket and a Hiking cap. You don’t want to feel the effect of direct sunlight- get a cap. When purchasing the items, make sure you get the most comfortable and fitting.

Camping tents

The choice for your camping tent would depend on the number of people using the tent. There is so much to write about the tents but make sure you get spacious and easy to set up the tent.

Hammocks and cots

These are not mandatory to carry but one might need them.

Camping lights

Being in the dark into the woods would be terrifying if you didn’t carry the lights. The most common ways of lighting a camp include the headlights and lanterns.

Camping knife

A pocket knife or a survival knife as others would call it is very important.

Camp kitchen

Should you run out of the packed food or need to warm your food, a camp kitchen should help.

Other items include:

Personal items

First Aid Kit

Everyone knows the importance of personal hygiene. Accidents could happen any time and that’s the reason I couldn’t leave out the first aid kit.

You need to have the best company while going out into the woods. You do not want to regret not having fun after getting back from the camp.

When is the best time to go camping? There is no single best or worst time to go camping. It all depends on your comfort levels. However, I think summer is the best timing. Some of the reasons include: you can get everyone involved, you can make it cheaper, you enjoy the sunrise and sunset and you can have a clear view of the night sky.

Resource: Camping Rail

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