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In this blog, I discuss all about TamilGun : Best Alternatives for TamilGun Sites, if i Miss anything you can suggest to me at via  contact us here.

In this blog, I discuss all about TamilGun : Best Alternatives for TamilGun Sites, if i Miss anything you can suggest to me at via  contact us here.

India’s land of diversity welcomes people from different cultures, races, and traditions to sneak into the diversification in cinema. It is one of the oldest world cinemas regarding output and diversification. With time, the approach, form, and visuals have evolved a lot. And so did the audience. 

Indian cinema has come a long way. Today, the greatest film industry in India is the Tamil Film Industry and Bollywood. Today we know multiple platforms that stream cinema online in different languages. Most popular films in India are made in Hindi. But in other parts of the country, movies in regional languages are popular and interesting to watch. 

What is TamilGun?

TamilGun is one of the most popular sites where you can stream or download Tamil films easily. This torrent website is inclined to the Tamil Film industry along with content in other languages. You can find Tamilian movies in TamilGun along with dubbed Bollywood movies. 

During the initial days, TamilGun used to stream only Tamilian movies. But, to grow their business and welcome artists from other film industries like Punjabi, Marathi, etc., they started streaming other content too. Nowadays, contents are available in English, Punjabi, Marathi, and Hindi making TamilGun a great platform for entertainment. 

Alternatives to TamilGun Sites

No online platform is great. There will be glitches and TamilGun is not an exception. The site has a lot of ads which can contaminate your system with viruses. If you are searching for a series of Alternatives to TamilGun, you are definitely in the right place!

  • Gofilms4u

Gofilms4u makes the first website on our list. It is a great place to watch Tamil films online. besides that, it also streams the content of other languages like Bengali, Marathi, Oriya, Kannada, Hindi, etc. Gofilms4u is a very simple website with a clean user-interface. Viewers find the simplicity attractive to access the website for different movie content. Since the website is updated regularly, you find the latest Tamil movie or series streaming on the first page. The website is very safe as it does not contain ads. You are free to visit any film in any language you want. 

  • Khatrimaza

If you are new to watching films and have started with your mother tongue, Khatrimaza is the one website you would love exploring. Why? The special thing about this website is, its content is pretty simple to download comparing to other similar websites. You will get direct links to their content. Most of the links work properly, so need to worry about their genuineness. 

Movies and series from all the genres are present on the Khatrimaza alternative website. if you have a diverse taste in movies, you get genuine content from their website. 

  • Todaypk

TamilGun and Todaypk have enormous similarities which makes it splendid alternatives to TamilGun. The site not only streams Tamil movies. If you are interested in Hindi and English movies, Todaypk is a great source to binge-watch. The website has been under the limelight for a long time to movie lovers due to its wide range of content. Overall Todaypk makes a great substitute to not only TamilGun but also other OTT websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. You can also download your favorite movie or series without any hassle.

  • Zmovies

You will get a lot of names in the long list of alternatives to any movie channel. To find the perfect alternative, you have to explore certain websites, their content, libraries, downloading options, and interface. Only a few of them are as reliable and simple as the Zmovies. This website divides its content using search bars, filters, and genres so that you can enjoy one thing at a time. since the website is organized, you will easily access any Tamilian movie, TV Show, or series just like TamilGun. The site provides HD quality and keeps itself updated daily.

  • Tamilrockers

Though the website sounds like they own only Tamil content Tamilrockers are the opposite. Their main content category is from the Tamil Industry but the content developers keep a great collection of Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, and other regional shows. For this reason, Tamilrockers is the neighbor site of TamilGun to all binge-watchers.

  • Lookmovie

This website has gained popularity by having a wide collection of pirated content from different sources. From award shows, serials to movies and web series, Lookmovie keeps a wide collection of each of these. The most exceptional feature of Lookmovie is that the stream anime shows which other popular platforms don’t. animes have gained a lot of popularity over the years. And people need a platform to watch Anime without any interruption. The same goes for Tamil movies or any other shows. The diverseness in Lookmovie has bought viewers very close to the entertainment industry. therefore, if you have not clicked on their official website, you definitely should give it a try!

  • Movieninja

A lot of debates have been going on between the content quality of Movieninja and TamilGun. Most people believe this to be better than TamilGun in a lot of terms. The platforms have a huge database of movies in comparison to TamilGun. it also gives a user-friendly interface in terms of the content library, variety, and quality. Movieninja provides its viewers exactly what they want. since they keep the content updated, you get the latest shows very easily.

  • Gostream

Go stream is one of the simplest websites to watch Tamil films other than on TamilGun. you do not have to be an Internet genius to access this website. the user interface is so easy, that anyone can navigate through the search bars and find their desired content. What makes Gostream popular in India is its categorized pages. A person having a poor internet connection can very simply access online streaming in Gostream. They provide both SD and HD quality. You can choose anyone depending upon your internet speed.

  • Bolly2Tolly

Bolly2Tolly has millions of subscribers registered to their platform. It is the leading one nowadays providing quality TV content in India and abroad. By the name, it is very simple to guess the diversity of their content. One can simply access the latest movies from Bollywood in dubbed the Tamil language. The new movie content on the website is very simple to get. The administrators update the website daily so that they can maintain their business as well their long range of subscribers for a longer time. you can also go for the download option from the site. 

  • Hotstar

Hotstar is one of those channels which got the limelight in pretty less time. it has a lot of subscribers. The channel is known for its quality content and easy availability. Though the main attraction diverts to Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hotstart content is pretty famous among people in the different age groups. The best thing about this website is it has sports streaming in regional language. So, if you are into sports, it is the best platform for you. 

  • Snagfilms

It is understandable if you are tired of watching the same series over and over again. Most movie buffs can be tired of watching the same thrillers. Meanwhile, documentaries can get boring after watching a few of them. Luckily, there are Snagfilms which is a portal to hidden movies. The independent film-makers and producers have chosen Snagfilms as their perfect platforms. This content does not get enough recognition from the audience as they aren’t mainstream. Also, these films are made on a low budget. You will find extraordinary content at SnagFilms. 

If you are searching for a channel with amazing documentaries from Nat Geo or discovery, Snagfilms will fit the profile eminently. 

  • 1337x

The last place in the list goes to 1337x if you want to enjoy any movie online. the site has been remarked as illegal as most of the time it hosts pirated contents. But still, to movie buffs, 1337x is the ultimate website to enjoy the latest movies than in cinema halls. 

Most of the time, this website streams a movie after a few hours of it being released in theatres. It is illegal for which the website has faced a lot of bans. There are no issues with the quality as 1337x never compromises with quality. Be it a Tamil movie or an English film, you will get HD-quality content every time. 


Indian cinema has progressed enormously in the last few years. Most of the actors are working in other industries and their creation is spreading commendably! Technology plays an important role here. It has helped people in brilliant ways. The entertainment industry is one of the sectors who got benefitted mostly. Regional film industries stream their content online so that viewers can enjoy their time on respective platforms. 

In this article, we have placed the best alternatives to TamilGun for viewers who enjoy movies to a huge extent. You will not face any issues with your system while accessing any of the websites. Most of the websites promise to deliver high-grade content but often fail to! These websites stick to their quality. Since they keep the platforms upgraded, you get access to the latest ones on the internet. 

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