11 Best alternatives for Gogoanime

In this blog, I discuss all about Gogoanime: Best Alternatives for Gogoanime Sites, if i Miss anything you can suggest to me at via  contact us here.

In this blog, I discuss all about Gogoanime: Best Alternatives for Gogoanime Sites, if i Miss anything you can suggest to me at via  contact us here.

Whether you love all of it or choose only one, in today’s article, we have summoned great Anime alternatives for Go-Go Anime. 

The most stressful times are when you can watch a movie or a series of stress-free. Just grabbing a tub of popcorn, your favorite pizza and a click to uninterrupted online shows can make anyone happy!

Some prefer romance comedy while some rewind a fight scene to watch the hero and villain bleed each other to death. Some are hooked to Anime than any other thing in this world. 

What is Go Go Anime?

Animes are Japanese 2D serial cartoons that are appreciated worldwide. From a teenager to a person in their 30s, Anime fans do not constrict under a specific age group. The best site to watch Anime shows is GoGoAnime. 

Over a few years, this website has become the most popular Anime streaming site. But, due to certain reasons, gogoanime has faced a ban in some of the countries. The official website has crumbled. But thankfully some mirror websites function smoothly on the internet. 

Is gogoanime safe? Are the shows on Gogoamine legal?

No. the site is not legal for which they do not have the rights to stream shows online. gogoanime even do not charge subscription fees from the users. The website does not give any malware attack while you download any content. It has torrent links that are genuine and trustable. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any threats to your computer system. 

The reason why anime gogo is widely popular is the quality of a wide range of Japanese entertainment. Their creations, stories, characters, and all the amazing staff will make you grab the popcorn tub and enjoy it. 

The alternative sites have no link to the gogoanime official site because there isn’t any. The creators keep on changing the site URL to stop the authorities from blocking them. The gogo anime alternatives are a savior to Anime lovers for amazing Anime shows.

11 Best alternatives for Gogoanime

A person searches for an alternative in cases of dissatisfaction or just to explore. No matter what your reasons are, these 11 alternatives are worth anybody’s attention. 

  1. 9anime.to

9anime.to is a website that is similar to that of gogoanime. The site has made the first position in this list which makes it a trustable source to step into Japanese entertainment. They cover a huge range of content in multiple genres. Each of them provides the highest of quality. 

The best part about 9anime.to is they never compromise the content quality. Every show is of HD quality. The website does not have a lot of ads which means you can enjoy uninterrupted time with your favorite shows. 

  • Kissanime

The second position goes to another finest alternative to gogoanime called the Kissanime. Over time, this website has gained huge popularity for the quality they provide. The website consists of a thumbnail view of all the shows you wish to see. It makes it easier to select the shows you want to watch from the array. 

You will find the trendy and ongoing shows on Kissanime quite easily. The trending ones are available at the top of the page, so you don’t have to scroll the page to find them. The simplicity and rich-quality make Kissanime a popular place to navigate the Japanese entertainment world. 

  • Funimation

Funimation caters to all the needs of a true Anime lover. They keep a collection of the old and the latest anime shows anyone would look for. The content on Funimation is mostly English-dubbed. Since the website is based out of America, the website does not stream the show in the Japanese language. 

To explore the content of Funimation, you have to invest a little. Avail of the 7-day free trial session to check if Funimation is worth the investment or not. The website does not stream anything for free except the ones in the trial session. 

  • TubiTV

All along, you have found the best anime gogo alternatives. In case you have not, TubiTV is a stunning place to explore. More or else all the websites stream the same show and promise high-grade quality. The best thing for having alternatives is you never run out of content even if the daily site is not working. 

TubiTV has ample categories from which you can choose from. They stream Anime shows online. so make sure your internet does not become the only interruption because there aren’t any ads. 

  • Animeheaven

This website does what the names claims. Indeed it is a heaven for Anime lovers with a diversified collection of anime series and movies. They include the latest releases as well. The heavenly feature of the site is that you get cleanly organized content on the platform. There are a few websites where you have to search for a specific show for a longer period. Since Animeheaven keeps it all arranged, enjoying a show is only a click away. Some of the best series which they stream are One Piece, Naruto, etc.

  • Animefreak

One of the most primely known websites is Animefreak. If there is one website that has gone popular after the gogoanime ban, it is Animefreak. They have movies, shows, and series from the Japanese animated entertainment industry. you will not regret watching their creative content. 

There is a variety of genres that anyone would love to watch. Their content is always in HD quality. The pretty awesome feature is the administrators of the website always keep their content updated. Also, the search technique is hassle-free. You can watch a series or a movie without any obstacle. 

  • Crunchyroll

No, it is not a food website. it is one of the most underrated anime watch online platforms. There are a lot of features on the website which will let your love for anime grow. A lot of audience likes to bookmark shows on several websites for later watch. Crunchyroll does not get slower with a lot of pending or un-watched show lists. One of the main reasons to love this website is its wide categories and updated database. You can watch new episodes everyday and relax. 

  • Chia-Anime

Chia-anime is a site that has multiple options for you t watch what they offer. You can go for online streaming, download their stuff or subscribe to their paid account and get notified whenever they update their site. The only drawback is they do not have any subtitles for their shows. 

For people with a weaker internet connection, this website is heaven. They stream content on both HD and non-HD quality. You get smoother access to your favorite anime shows with less data consumption. Chia-anime is much easy and more mobile-friendly to use. 

  • AnimeDao

One of the very underrated websites for amazing gogoanime alternative takes the ninth place in our list. the site has a very clean and smoother interface with mostly HD quality shows. The reason AnimeDao has a huge array of best shows from the Japanese industry is its regular maintenance. You get new shows almost every day on their website without sacrificing the quality of the video. 

Though underrated, the users are very loyal to the website. Since the entertainment criteria are very fulfilling, the viewers find lesser reasons to switch to another platform to anime watch online.

  • My Anime List

At number tenth, we have My Anime List as an anime gogo alternative. Their content is too similar to gogoanime. You can keep tabs open at the website and binge-watch anything you like. The shows and movies are very latest and easy to watch. 

The reason why My Anime List is popular among Anime lovers is the friendly nature of the platform with the users. You can create your list and watch them in order. Other website does not give the audience that freedom. the pages are easily navigable and worth watching. 

  • Hulu

Hulu applications have branched their channel name to a lot of things. It is mostly a free application where you can binge-watch Anime Shows in free time. The application is not free, but the creators have developed an app worth paying for. you can access dubbed shows with subtitles so that you do not come across any difficulties. 

The user interface is very simple and kid-friendly. The simplicity of this paid channel has made the users adhere to Hulu. Apart from the regular Japanese Anime content, Hulu streams their copyright creations too. You will not find them on any other alternative platform for their security and privacy concerns. They upload such shows quite frequently. Few of them are downloadable. The other content has a restriction on download. 


There is no doubt that gogoanime is the best site to stream anime content for free at any time of the day. But these 11 alternatives will not let you search for gogo anime latest URL every time you want to watch or download a show. 

These sites are highly recommended for everyone to enjoy an uninterrupted anime watch online without a penny. 

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