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4 Practices to Keep Ahead of SEO Game in 2018

In today’s age and date, the SEO needs a complete overhauling. Unlock your website’s potential to achieve the goals set for organic traffic, lead gene

In today’s age and date, the SEO needs a complete overhauling. Unlock your website’s potential to achieve the goals set for organic traffic, lead generation and, ultimately, increased revenues. What is important in this regard? First comes your belief that it’s achievable, then a positive mindset with practical strategies to succeed.

Here are the latest search ranking strategies to go over in 2018 to keep an advantage on the competitors.

  1. Links Still Matter:

The search engines are based on this fundamental element. Google, being the leader, demands the websites to create inbound links for improved organic traffic. These links are the signals for Google to show what matters at the back of what people are looking for on the internet. It is not going to be dead any time sooner; say five years or more it will remain in trend.

The future of SEO keeps relying on building strong inbound links to attract more traffic. For this, you need to keep practicing influencer and outreach marketing along with guest blogging. Keep repurposing your already written content and consider to go for viral content, but watchfully. For the reason that, if you use the clickbait of ‘fake news’, you will lose the credibility because people always look for trustworthy things. So, always be genuine with your search engine optimization plan and hire SEO agency Dubai to employ the beneficial strategies.

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  1. Brand Queries:

Branding is a key signal to search engines that you are doing something different and accurate and not just another spammy website. Credibility matters equally to the search engines and people using it. And, this reliability comes from improved networking; the networking amongst like-minded people in the real life and relevant business categories on the search engines. Enlist your brand in local and global business directories is another plus in the due course.

Make everything easy for the search engines and according to their guidelines to avoid the likelihoods of grave penalties. The big brands like Coca-Cola or Amazon don’t get worried about it, but the SMEs and startups need to be extra careful in this regard. You need to follow Google trends for brand building and coping with your brand-related queries.

  1. Voice Search:

It is a high time for the brand to lean toward voice search. Whether Google home or Amazon’s Alexa or in-home devices penetrating in our lives are taking over the once heavily used textual searches to surface the required material on the internet. For example, if you ask Google home ‘what does eunoia means’ you will get only one answer and that’s the best answer available in a plethora of online information.

  1. AI Search:

This is the next great thing that’s going to lead the SEO in coming years and will stay long. It seems complicated at this point in time, but it’s going to run search engines in the years ahead; how they interpret different queries and stories etc. So, keep your focus alive in this direction for improved SERPs ranking and hence, increased ROI.

With all these key practices, you can take your SEO to the next level.

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