What Is Facelift? What Should You Expect After This Procedure?

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Want to change the appearance of your face? You can use some cosmetic products to look a little more beautiful. Results provided by cosmetic products are temporary. Sometimes these cosmetic products can’t even help such as when you have excess facial skin or loose skin around the jawline. If you want results that are the closest to your expectations and also last longer, you need to change the shape of your face. You can take advantage of cosmetic surgery to add or remove some of the facial features. Rhytidectomy or facelift is a cosmetic procedure in which some of the facial features are changed to make your face look younger.

In this cosmetic surgery, a cosmetic surgeon removes excess facial skin to enhance the lower half of your face. Loose and hanging skin is tightened surgically. The surgeon reduces creases around your nose and mouth. Excess fat and loose skin in the neck and under your skin is also removed. This is a 2 to 5 hours long procedure which may involve general anesthesia, sedatives and anesthetics. The patient can go home after the surgery.    

After making an incision, the surgeon gently pushes the skin upwards and removes the excess skin to tighten the deeper tissues of your face. Neck lift is also a procedure for enhancing your facial features. In neck lift, a plastic surgeon makes an incision under the chin and tightens deeper tissues of your neck. The cosmetic surgeon then closes the incision with staples and sutures. Excess blood and fluids are removed by using a drain. And in the end, the surgeon applies bandages.

Patient’s Medical History Evaluation

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It starts with the evaluation of your medical history and lifestyle. The surgeon will look at:

  • Any medication you are taking
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood clotting
  • Allergies
  • Skin condition
  • Scarring
  • Drug use
  • Cigarette smoking   

The surgeon discusses the time, place, type of anesthesia, potential complications and recovery. Goals, expectations and results depend on bone structure and type of your skin.  

Facelift is being improved continuously. Recovery is now easy and fast. For example, surgeons are now using a laser in the neck-lift procedure. They use local anesthetic and make a one-inch long incision. The laser melts fat under the chin. Endoscopy is used for face and brow lifts.

The goal of the facelift procedure is to get a smoother and youthful appearance. This cosmetic procedure:

  • Removes excess fat and skin
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Fixes sagging cheeks around the jawline
  • Reduces creases

Depending on the past and present of your health, there can be some disadvantages of this procedure.

  • The results of facelift do not last longer.
  • In 21% of cases of facelift, results disappear after five and a half year. However, results last longer in 76% of the patients.
  • Men cannot achieve a natural appearance after this procedure as they have more facial hair.
  • You might end up having distorted earlobes.     
  • Your face will look pulled-back if too much skin and fat are removed.
  • You cannot rely on facelift only. You may need a neck lift, liposuction, eyelid surgery, forehead lift, fat injection, brow lift, laser peel or some other additional procedures for the best results.
  • Not everyone can afford this procedure.

face and neck lift is also a procedure for enhancing your facial features. In a neck lift, a plastic surgeon makes an incision under the chin and tightens deeper tissues of your neck.

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