Driving A Car In Mexico And The Rules To Know

When travelling to Mexico then driving your own car can give you more freedom than relying on a cab driver. If you drive your own car during your tri

When travelling to Mexico then driving your own car can give you more freedom than relying on a cab driver. If you drive your own car during your trip the surely you can enjoy the surroundings and beauty of that country in a much better way.

But for making your trip and driving experience entirely trouble-free, it is highly important to know all the driving rules of Mexico. If you fail to follow any rule then it can lead to you any legal trouble. And getting into legal trouble in a new country is very difficult to handle.

That’s why it becomes necessary to purchase Mexican auto insurance from a best Mexican auto insurance company. Mexican insurance will help you to get the right amount of cover in case of any injury and damage.

Read on to get detailed information about driving a car in Mexico.

  1.    Crossing the Border

While driving your car across the border, you can drive across the border zone according to Mexican driving rules. However, the need for legal documentation is necessary when you want to travel farther from 20km of the border.

In that case, you have to get Mexican car insurance because your US or Canadian car insurance will not be valid in that area. Another main thing to consider is that you can drive in Mexico only within the specified time frame given to you. If you fail to get your car out after that time period then you would not get your complete money back.

  1.    Driver License and Documents

Your driver license from the United States and Canada is considered valid in Mexico. However, if you want also drive to other countries with Mexico then it is best to get an international driving permit. In Mexico, you can easily rent a car with your existing driving license.

You should also take your passport and tourist visa along with you during your Mexico trip. Though it’s not necessary according to driving rules in Mexico but there are chances that you might get stopped by authorities and they can ask you for that.

  1.    Rules of the Road

The driving rules in Mexico are not as rigid as America and Canada. Basically, you will notice that freestyle is highly followed in this country. So, it is better that you should always expect that drivers can do anything at any point of time.

While driving, if you see that a car running in front of you, flashes left turn signal then it is a sign that it’s safe to pass. But make sure that you should always proceed with caution while driving in Mexico.


Make sure that you properly and carefully plan your trip before travelling to Mexico. Also, do some research on different insurance companies to purchase Mexican auto insurance. Getting best Mexican auto insurance is the most important part of your travel that you should not skip under any condition.