What Does The ‘Nothing’ App And Boardvitals App Do?

There are thousands of different kinds of apps available in app stores. Most of these apps come with clear descriptions of what they do and how they f

There are thousands of different kinds of apps available in app stores. Most of these apps come with clear descriptions of what they do and how they function, but some apps can be a bit of a mystery. Your phone only has so much space so it is important to make sure all apps you download serve a purpose and will be useful. In this article, we will discuss the utility and function of two popular apps; Nothing and Boardvitals.

All About Nothing App

Nothing is a very intriguing app because it claims to do nothing. It claims that it has no utility or function, it is just a blank black screen with no purpose. Naturally, people wonder why any developer would make such an app or expect it to be successful. Despite this, the app has around 4.3-star rating and over 1 million downloads on Google’s Playstore.

Nothing is somewhat of a social experiment that is so successful because humans are curious beings. The aim is to declutter the digital world and help break phone addiction. It reminds users that most of the apps available today don’t achieve much and are more often than not just distractions.

Modern technology has helped us achieve wonders. It has provided information at our fingertips, allowed people to communicate without delay over vast distances, etc. Despite all of these benefits,  Despite all of these benefits, technology can cause a lot of trouble as well. It has proven to be quite disruptive and problematic in everyday life.

Nothing is a way to showcase that you can survive without this utility and there’s no need to reach for your phone at all times. The app ensures you’re not disrupted by any noise from notifications, social media, and other such disruptions. That’s why makes this platform so suitable for the modern phone addicts. If you’re not satisfied with the app and think it only takes up space on your phone, you can always remove it. However, most people hang onto the Nothing App because there’s no App Development Cost involved.  

Broadvitals App

The Broadvitals app is a tool for medical students who are about to sit on their board exams. It is essentially a question bank app that can help you revise all you have learned to date and become more confident in sitting for the exam. All of the questions are reviewed by the experts including faculty from 10 established universities, more than 150 physician contributors, and many other such experts.

The app features a wide range of question banks, including Psychiatry ABPN Board Exam Review, Psychiatry Cases & Vignettes for Part C portion of the ABPN Psych exam, Child Psychiatry ABPN Board Exam Review, and Neurology ABPN Board Exam Review. More and more question banks are added regularly to ensure the platform is useful for children.

The app allows users to create a customized experience, provides statistics to help students keep track of their progress, and provide a great deal of other assistance. You also get a timed or review mode to help improve your ability to answer questions quickly. You can check your performance and see the improvement with your own eyes.

Both of these apps are quite useful and can help you in different ways. You can also come up with a similar novel ideal and hire an app development agency to create your own product.