What Are the Best Plex Alternatives?

Plex is a global media-streaming platform. It organizes the photos, audios, and videos from your collection as well as from online services and then i

Plex is a global media-streaming platform. It organizes the photos, audios, and videos from your collection as well as from online services and then it streams them. If you want to access all the features, you will have to pay a subscription fee. The free version isn’t that great so you can look for other options as well. You can check out these plex alternatives at umangdokey .


If you are using infuse, you won’t be needing cables to transfer the videos. Videos can be directly imported from iTunes, Dropbox, Airdrop, Google Drive, etc. The UI is clean and you will find multi-lingual movies.


Streama has a viable UI and it is inspired from Netflix. It offers smooth navigation and it also allows you to arrange the content as per your choice.

Media Tomb

It is free and has a good web user interface. You can stream computerized media through the home system. 


Subsonic is the best among all the other options. That is because it serves as your personal media server as well as total media server. It is capable of streaming both audios and videos. 

Windows Media Services

It has a clean UI and using it is very simple and it supports JPEG and MP3 formats. You need to download it as it is not pre-installed. It offers smooth media-streaming. You will also get to access several tools that will help you to manage all your data.


It has a clean UI and using it is really simple. Here, you can stream all your audio files as well as music. It is very similar to your file manager. You can get HTML5 player with which you will be able to stream the music on the web.


If you use TVersity, then you will be able to stream the media files from your PC to the UPnP gadgets, DLNA, and cell phones. TVersity will automatically arrange your music, photos, and movies. So, you will always have a well-organized collection.


The UI is minimalistic. Setting it up and using it is very simple. You will get a calendar function and also video-on-demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Jio TV

You will get a lot of Add-ons providing you weather info, customization, image decoder, etc. 


You have to install this and then you have to add the media that you want to play. You can either play from your system or online.


You get plugin support and you get access to a lot of media-organizing tools. You can record Live TV and can also do scheduling.

JRIver Media Center

Its interface is simple. It also has a lot of inbuilt editing tools. Several formats are supported, like – DLNA, P2P, and DRM.


The artwork as well as the metadata looks great. You can also get it in the form of an android app having its own media server. 


Emby has a simplistic interface that is very easy to use. It stores media files like audios, photos, and videos. 

Universal Media Star

If you use this, you will be able to stream audios, videos, and photos in PS4, iPhone, Android devices, etc.

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