5 Random Movies to Watch with Your Friends

When your friends are around, even the meaningless things make sense. So, this time when you are with your friends, watch a random movie that you can

When your friends are around, even the meaningless things make sense. So, this time when you are with your friends, watch a random movie that you can collectively make sense of. Additionally, watching just any movie with your friends can help you discuss it once the credit rolls, and dig out the elements that you might have missed. 

So, choose a random movie on a fun night that can make your time worthwhile. After all, life is too short to watch something that leaves you weeping and feeling depressed in the end. But before anything else, make sure you prep well for your movie night and get your space bundled up with wine, cheese, ice cream, and popcorn. 

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Anyway, look at the list of random movies that we have put together to help you stream over the weekend with your friends: 

  1. Bridesmaids

If you are a group of girls, then Bridesmaids has to be on the top of your watchlist. This is a great entertainer that will keep you hooked until the end. The story revolves around Annie, played by Kristen Wigg, a single young girl whose life is falling apart. 

When she learns about her best friend’s engagement, she gets really excited. She takes up the role of maid of honor and winds her through expensive and extravagant rituals that end up in disasters. 

On her friends’ engagement, she feels that she has a rival who she calls her BFF. She feels her friend is the center of attraction for being rich, beautiful, and graceful; on the other hand, whatever Annie touches gets ruined. In the end, when every effort of Annie ends up in disappointment, they reach a point where their friendship falls out. 

  1. Blitz

If you want to watch an action-packed movie, then you may watch Blitz. While it was released in 2011, it gained immense popularity later and become one of the top-watched movies on Netflix. This film, in many ways, is similar to The Mechanic, Safe, Wildcard, Hummingbird, and Parker. 

Anyhow, the story revolves around a detective sergeant, Tom, who is responsible to take down a serial killer who has been targeting police officers. Even after persistent efforts, Blitz manages to escape taking the precious lives of police officers one by one. 

Tom gets frustrated and the thought of his colleagues losing life keeps bothering him. The movie packs an amazing plot that is a must-watch.

  1. Wobble Palace

It becomes interesting as the story unfolds and they find it challenging to live independently while sharing one space. Both the characters behave strangely, which makes them look funny and poignant. All in all, it is a beautiful movie that impresses the audience visually and narratively. 

Released in 2018, Wobble Palace is a fun movie to watch. It is about a couple in Los Angeles, who decide to split their home a week before the 2016 elections. They take up their individual responsibilities and taste their independence. 

  1. Girls Trip

Girls Trip needs to be on your watchlist too, for all the right reasons. The film is about a group of four best friends, called Flossy Possy. While they live apart and have their own independent lives, when one of the friends gets the opportunity to speak at Essence Festival, she calls up her other friends to make a work tour a girls’ trip. The girls enjoy their best time in New Orleans by partying, dancing, eating, and all. 

  1. Wild Child

Bet you, you have watched Wild Child back in your school. If you haven’t, then this has to be certainly on your list to watch with your bunch of friends. The movie is about a rebellious Malibu princess, Poppy Moore, who is sent to a British boarding school by her father. 

Poppy finds it incredibly difficult to settle, as she never wanted to gel in a British old-school system. But luckily, she finds sweet and caring roommates, who she becomes friends with. The story becomes incredibly interesting as the friends make a close bond and have fun all together.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to watch a random movie on the weekend and have a fun time together, then you may prefer some of the best random movies. Check out some of the movies we have listed and prepare yourself for a fun retreat!!

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