Useful Android Apps Which You Cannot Find On “Play Store”

With technology increasing rapidly and the internet being accessible, the number of smartphone users is more compared to the number of desktop users n

With technology increasing rapidly and the internet being accessible, the number of smartphone users is more compared to the number of desktop users now. What makes smartphones preferable? Well, apart from the easy to carry factor, the main reason is the mobile applications (apps). A well designed and built mobile app can perform more efficiently as compared to desktop apps.  According to a survey, mobile users spend around 85% of their time using mobile apps as compared to mobile websites. The majority of the people are using either music, gaming or other social media apps.

People have various choices, which cannot be randomly fulfilled by app providers like Google play. They also have their terms and policies to follow. But it is not necessary that only the apps provided by Google play can be downloaded to use. Thousands of individual apps are there which can be used according to a person’s choice.  

Here we have a list of some of the top Android apps with amazing features that you won’t find on the Google play store:

FireTube: One of the problems we all have to face while listening to a song on YouTube, is that we cannot switch off the mobile screen. This sometimes becomes annoying because you cannot do multitasking while using YouTube. To solve this issue, an app named FireTube was launched. It has a YouTube interface and you can easily use this app. You cannot find this app on Google Play, and there are obvious reasons for that as YouTube is owned by Google.

Popcorn Time: As the name suggests, the first thing which comes to anyone’s mind is relaxation while watching movies and TV shows.  There are millions of people who visit Torrent sites to download movies and TV shows, this app is built to solve this issue. You can easily download movies from this app and the best feature it provides is choosing the subtitles of your choice. There are some apps like Showbox on Google play which provide these features but when it comes to a bug-free facility, Popcorn Time wins the competition.

Torrent Search: Talking about downloading movies and using torrent websites, here is an app to solve the lengthy process of searching for various websites and saving time. While searching for any material to download through websites on Google, you have to visit every particular website and search on it your desired downloading material. This process takes a lot of time, therefore the Torrent search app helps to save time and brings the best results. You just have to type the name of the downloading material, and it will show the major websites containing all the information on a single page. You can then easily click the download button and it will go directly to your downloads folder. With the help of these websites, you can also see the top torrents of the month and year.

Mobdro: It is a live TV streaming app. The best feature of Mobdro is that it streams all kinds of TV shows like Music, Animals, Entertainment, Sports, Tech, gaming, anime and spiritual. This app provides shows in 12 different languages which is a benefit for many people who have difficulties to understand the English language. Mobdro is a famous app as it streams shows from more than 30 countries. Therefore, the app provides a wide range of content to the users.

MixPlorer: Managing files on android can be a tough task, and Google play doesn’t have any special app to solve this issue. Mixplorer is a file manager app. This helps to manage various kinds of files, copy and move them to different locations, change the font-style, zip extractor and encryption and decryption.

Bromite: This app looks and works like the Google Chrome browser as it is made on the Chromium API project. Bromite promises to provide an amazing browsing speed. It includes features like Pop-Up Blocker, Ad Blocker, tracking codes blocker and background Video Play. Google chrome has a reputation in the market and this app is providing it’s best to cope up with the level of chrome.

Lucky Patcher: This app helps to manage the other apps on your android device. It gives a different power to all the apps which make them unique by adding various features to them. Some of the important features of this app is to modify android application package (apk) files, remove Google ads, remove license verification, and backing up/restoring.

F-droid: It is one of the famous apps which help people to download apps which are not available on Google Play. There can be a huge amount of apps which were once on Google play but due to various reasons, they were removed.  You can easily find such apps on F-droid. This app also believes in providing free apps, so that the audience does not have to think about the money matters.

Wifi Kill: This is a wifi network controller app. The app helps to disable the internet connection of devices which connects to a wifi network. Apart from this, there are other features as well of Wifi Kill like it shows the name of the devices which are connected to the network, provides the data transfer rate and monitors the network activity of the connected device.

OG YouTube: This app helps to download the videos from YouTube. It is beneficial for those who want to download a video and then keep it to themselves and watch it easily when the mobile data is switched off or not working.  Apart from downloading the whole video, you can also download the audio file (mp3). OG YouTube gives you an option to download multiple videos at the same time and rename them.

These are a few apps which are downloaded the most. These apps help you to not restrict yourself by just being dependent on Google Play. Explore the world of these applications and make the best use of technology.

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