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Help for Your First DUI

Being arrested and then charged for a DUI (driving under the influence) offense can be a very scary thing – especially if this is your very first DUI

Being arrested and then charged for a DUI (driving under the influence) offense can be a very scary thing – especially if this is your very first DUI offense. Now, you should already be very aware of how serious your situation is right now. Awareness campaigns on television, radio even billboards have been trying to get that very message across for some time.

If you are a first-time offender then could possibly be, luckily for you, some options open to you that you can take. This option can help you to lessen the penalties that you must be currently facing in your case. Knowing, and understanding these are your first step into getting things back on track after your arrest.

How to handle your very first DUI Offense

The very first thing you will want to consider is getting legal help. A DUI attorney such as Law Firm – Cohen Winters  can really help you here, especially if you don’t feel confident in tackling these options yourself.

Try and get the charge either reduced or thrown out completely. You can take this on yourself, but help is recommended. Either way, set your stall out early.

Probable cause

Claim that the arresting officer had no probable. This would mean that the officer stopped for something other than a suspected DUI offense. After stopping you, you could then claim the officer simply began looking for reasons to bring a charge against you for a DUI. In addition to that, you could also claim that any sobriety tests were not properly conducted; testing equipment was not correctly calibrated or even operated properly. These are options open to you as a valid defense, but they should also be accurate and truthful! So, make sure to consult with DUI attorneys first before making any statement that might worsen your case.

If the above tactic doesn’t work, you are not totally out of luck just yet.

We are all only human, after all

Luckily, the ‘system’ recognizes and understands that people can make mistakes and occasionally accidents happen too.  The Accelerated Rehabilitation programs (ARD, for short) can allow you to take classes on the dangers and risks of driving while under the influence. You will also be able to attend driving school and go through a probationary period.

After this, your DUI record can be removed or expunged. If you ask for help with these programs while still in court, and before a decision has been, it will really help in making you look good. This is because it shows that you have every intention of setting right, you are truly remorseful and you will learn from your mistakes.

Make an appeal

Your final option is to appeal to the courts and try to show that you are a good person with no prior history and no intention to offend again. If you can successfully show that this DUI was a ‘one-off’, a complete fluke never to be repeated, then you may be able to have the charges reduced to probation or fines instead of a sentence.

A DUI charge is a serious thing because the very act of driving under the influence is a serious and very dangerous thing. The only guaranteed way to beat a DUI charge is to not commit the offense in the first place.

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