Infographic: How to Use Facebook Advertising to Generate Leads and Sales for blogs

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform that can help boost leads and sales to your blog in a number of ways. It allows you to target users by the

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform that can help boost leads and sales to your blog in a number of ways. It allows you to target users by their interests, age, gender, relationship status and whether they are a parent, as well as their location, employment and industry and educational level. 

When the social media website’s algorithms take all of those details and more into account, it can determine what things to advertise and to whom, in order to yield the best results for advertisers. You can market everything from eBooks, events like concerts or Broadway shows, contests, discounts to free trials and more. 

Each ad that appears on Facebook should be driven by benefits, is clear and straight to the point and allows the user to click on a button to “learn more.” They may have a teaser to grab the person’s attention and include a variety of statistics, quotes and stories regarding your products or services. 

Ads may also be presented in video format and should be easily understood even if they are on mute. They should be made to grab the viewer’s attention and should last no more than 90 seconds, considering the short attention of users on Facebook.

Ads can be shown in carousel format. You can use this format to include a list of products, share a story about a product or customer and show blog posts from your archives. In choosing the photos for your ad, make sure it is carefully selected; If unsure, you can always experiment with various ad images to determine the most effective ones based on their clickthrough rates. Generally, images with bright, brilliant colors could capture audiences’ attention.  

Power words are a very important component of advertising on Facebook. Words like “free,” “you,” “how to,” “new” and “instantly” are known to appeal to people.

Finally, you can use Facebook ad tools to your advantage to generate more sales. The Knowledge Graph can show you what pages people within your audience are most interested in. Audience Insights gathers demographics and show more information about your audience. Finally, the Power Editor has since been combined with the ads manager and provides a user-friendly interface for setting up campaigns. However, one has to be careful of the default settings in the system which can quickly exhaust your advertising budget. Always make sure you are aware of the traps of facebook marketing before plunging into it.

Overall, Facebook advertising is extremely effective for small online businesses. It is one of the fastest and most effective ways of reaching your target audience and driving sales of your products or services.  As a blog owner, you can run ads to your articles, do retargeting on your audiences or simply send traffic to a landing page for a product launch. The possibilities for bloggers are immense.

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