Travelling with Kids – 7 Top Tips

You’re probably feeling really excited if you’ve already booked your family holiday for the summer! That said, you may also be feeling a bit apprehens

You’re probably feeling really excited if you’ve already booked your family holiday for the summer! That said, you may also be feeling a bit apprehensive if you are travelling with kids. Fear not! Here are  seven tips that will help you to smoothly get through your journey.

  1.  Take it Easy

The last thing that kids like is to be rushed, so you want to avoid rushing around. Not only will your kids not appreciate this, it will also exacerbate your stress levels, too. The key is to make sure you have plenty of time to travel and especially when it come to the airport as airports are both fascinating (people watching) and frustrating (security) places for children. Give yourself some wiggle room time-wise by heading out a little earlier than you would normally. You could also pre-book some tours and activities like some Sunshine Coast adventures, that will take the stress off you so you and the kids can relax and take it easy.

  1.  Burn Off Energy

Once you reach the airport, let your children get rid of some of their excess energy. If the airport has a play area, then it’s definitely worth taking young children there. If it doesn’t, then perhaps take them on a stroll around the departure lounge area.

  1.  Be Well(ness) Prepared

Make sure that you pack medication in case of earaches, tummy upsets or fevers, as the last thing you want is for any of these things to happen mid-flight. Pack ear buds if your child is affected by altitude changes, and also remember to pack some anti-bacterial hand gel to keep germs at bay.

  1. Embrace Technology

Even if you’re not a fan of letting your kids watch screens, when travelling you may need to be more flexible with these rules. Many airlines have integrated tablets within their headrests, and the images/movies/games shown will be enough for most children to be happily distracted during a flight. If you have a tablet or phone that your child could use, then just add some favorite movies and a few apps to keep your little ones entertained.

  1. Pack Smart

Pack an essentials bag that includes spare clothes, diapers, wipes, etc., that you can stash under the seat in front of you. The last thing you want to keep doing is get up to get to the overhead compartments. Remember to pack snacks as well, as the meals that are available on the flight may not come at a time when you need them. ( They may not suit your child’s fussy eating habits, either.) Pack snacks that your child likes, are acceptable through security and that don’t require refrigeration.

  1. Include Comforts of Home

Travelling with kids means they can soon start to feel tired and cranky. For this reason, make sure that you pack your child’s “binky”. This could be their favorite soft toy or blanket, which will help to wind them down and relax. While intended for use after your arrival, it would be smart to pack the item in your carry-on, to provide any needed comfort during a flight.

Once you reach your destination, relax and unwind. Switch off your mobile phone and don’t worry about any calls that you miss. Once you get back home, just use a number search service to find and call back anyone important. For now, it’s all about relaxing and spending time with your family.

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