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When you wake up in the morning and someone crosses your mind, you need to structure a good message to wish them good morning. The fact is that just saying ‘’Good morning’’ to your loved ones isn’t enough. You have to look for a clever and a creative way to say what you have in your heart clearly.

Although it is more likely to wish someone a good morning, there are different situations that can make it hard for you. For this reason there are different methods that you can employ depending on the situation.

But don’t worry, below I’ve gathered for you some of my best collections so you can share your feelings in a much more organized way.

Good Morning Messages to your Children

In this case, you have to get a age sensitive message for them. Here are some of the messages you can send:

“Hi, my sleeping angel, wake up, it’s a bright day for you. Good morning”

“Rise and shine my little beauty. Mama loves you so much”

“Good morning. I hope you are up already, prepare yourself for classes now”

“Wakey, wakey, I have prepared a nice breakfast for my little angel”

“When I wake up and realize that you are good and have a good health, I feel good. When I see your smile, I feel full and complete. Good morning”

“My little girl today is a bright day that you have to rise and shine. I love you so much cutie. Good morning”

Good Morning Quotes to Friends and Family

When you are wishing your friends a good morning, you can either send them a funny quote or just an advice. Here are some of them:

“I wonder why your butt is still laid in bed. Wake up and make your life. Good morning”

“See your life. People are already up chasing their dreams and you are there dreaming yours? Wake up. Good morning”

“When I wake up and think I will always have my morning coffee with someone who has been there for me all through makes me happy. Good morning”

Good Morning Wishes to the Significant Other

When it comes to wishing a good morning message to the significant other, you need to make it romantic, you need to make them know how much you love them and how much you value them:

“Waking up to see your beauty makes me feel complete. I love you. Good morning”

“Wake up my love; this is another day for you to smile. Good morning”

“I wanted to wake you up and say I love you even before you take your morning coffee”

Final Words!

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