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Top 6 CoolSculpting Myths Debunked!

Have you been hitting the gym and working out hard and left with no visible results?  You might need to go for coolsculpting, which is one of

Have you been hitting the gym and working out hard and left with no visible results? 

You might need to go for coolsculpting, which is one of the most popular non-invasive treatments today. It is very effective, does not require recovery time, doesn’t need needles and anesthesia, which makes this process well deserved. 

During the process, a non-invasive device is used on the surface of the skin to perform a controlled cooling technique which focuses and remove fat cells in the target areas of the body. The best part is the process doesn’t involve any surgery and help you to achieve the sculpted body by removing excess fat!

However, with the rise of medical treatments, it comes with some myths too. The utilization of this coolsculpting is done in 3218 locations throughout the world. And today the stats have risen to 5692 locations with a hike of 76% in two years. 

Moreover, it is one of the most popular ones in the U.S. with 4000 locations throughout the 50 states. Still, there are a lot of misconceptions that need to be debunked. Here are the six most common myths debunked: 

It’s only used to remove Belly Fat!

With the FDA approval of a CoolSculpting device used for belly fat, it is today used to remove fat and treat other areas as well. And the other areas include Chest, chin, flanks, Arms, Inner thighs, Outer thighs, Buttocks, lower back, and upper back, knees.

It Requires Recovery Time!

Many surgical procedures and medical treatments do need recovery time afterward. As coolsculpting is often mistaken, considering it one of the types of the surgical process that need recovery time. It is false, though! 

It is one of the revolutionary processes that require no downtime recovery, which makes it the best. In addition, you can continue with your daily work routine afterward, just like you would normally do. 

It Hurts!

First, being a non-invasive process means it will be comparatively painless. Since it doesn’t require recovery time, you can turn back to your regular routine. However, initially, you may feel slight numbness, little discomfort, or extreme cold. 

Mostly people like to do once they are done with the treatment is either text, surf, or a nap. If you experience swelling, redness, firmness and bruising, don’t worry, it will settle down! 

Coolsculpting Is Not for Men!

Most of you assume that this procedure exists only for women. However, the procedure is suitable and equitably effective for both women and men. After all, everyone wants a nice and sculpted body! 

The Outcomes Are Permanent!

Besides, what you think, it does not give permanent results to your body shaping requirements. In some cases, the results may last longer, but it also depends on your body and how it is reacting to the process. 

One great trick to have a long-lasting result of coolsculpting is to maintain a balanced diet and follow a workout schedule afterward and make sure you are doing your part in maintaining your sculpted body. This way you can take the maximum benefits of it.

It Improves Sagging!

It is the process that mainly targets fat reduction and fat cells beneath the skin. It does not as much as impactful on the topmost surface of your skin. It means it is not a feasible method for enhancing your skin’s elasticity. 

Now that you know the myths of coolsculpting, you won’t let the untrue rumors misguide you! And thus you can achieve a beautifully sculpted body!