Top 10 Sportswear Brands for Men and Women in India

Sport is one of the most important part of any country’s progress. Any country is to be designated on the basis of four things primarily. These are –

Sport is one of the most important part of any country’s progress. Any country is to be designated on the basis of four things primarily. These are – education, defence, health and sports. India is a very lucky country to have champions winning the global greatest stage of sports- Olympics. But, these players or sportspersons have to be very careful about their health. Also, they cannot wear their casual dresses and compete. So, there are a number of clothing brands who make special sportswear along with the production of casual dresses. Again, there is a difference in gender as well. Sports men and sports women have different dress codes as same as that happens in casual wears.

Here are India’s 10 top most sportswear brands for men and women.

1) Adidas- Adidas is one of the finest brands of clothing and shoes. You can even get casual wears of this brand as well, but the sportswear is the best. More importantly, this is the brand that most players and celebrities promote. Adidas is a German sportswear manufacturing company that have been creating designer sports clothes from years. The name is quite unique. It came from the nicknames of the two inventors of this brand- Adolf and Dassler.

2) Nike- If you are to name the most popular sportswear brand of the world, you can take the name of Nike. Other brands might have insignificant difference in the quality of the products. But what makes this brand unique is its stylish manufacturing. Nike has the most attractive sportswear in the world. Among all its products, the shoes and jerseys are the best ones. Besides, there are hoodies, tracksuits and bags as well. If you look for the best quality best looking sports equipment, then you must go for Nike.

3) Puma- Now, there is a old fact between the ownership of Puma and Adidas. Previously Puma was known as RuDa. Then, the founder of this brand was the famous two brothers- Rudolf Dassler and Adolf Dassler. But, during the Second World War, the two brothers became two greatest rivals of each other. The name RuDa was taken from the Rudolf Dassler. Later on, the other Dassler went and started his new brand Adidas. Now, Puma is one of the best selling sportswear around the world, especially in Britain and Australia. Puma is a very good choice. Besides, Puma Coupons will help you to get discounts as well, If you are willing to buy the most authentic sportswear.

4) Lotto- Not all products are affordable for everyone, to be honest. There are many alternatives but rarely authentic. Lotto is one brand which is very trustworthy alternative of the other big brands like Nike, Adidas. The quality of the products of these brands is very same. But, the advantage is that, this brand gives you first class products in cheaper prices. Lotto also, like all other brands, is popular for both men and women sportswear. From Sports inners to spandex, you can get all the products here in affordable prices.

5) Fila- Fila is one of the most renowned brands of sportswear from Italy. It was founded way back in 1909. This brand, Fila, was previously the best brand for inner sportswear. But, this brand became equally effective and successful after its manufacturing of other sports garments as well. Now, you can go to any corner of the world and get good quality sportswear from this company in reasonable prices.

6) Reebok- Reebok is one of the most famous British brands of sportswear and accessories. It was first initiated with the name of JW Fosters and Sons. But it got changed and now universally known as Reebok. This has given a tough competition to other famous sportswear brands. It is an equivalent subsidiary of Adidas from the year of 2005. Every one- from 8 to 80, all loves this brand for the comfort ability of its manufactured products. Among all the products, Reebok is famous for spiked running shoes.

7) Asics- The full name of Asics in Japanese is- ‘anima sana in corpore sano’. This means in English-‘a healthy soul in a healthy body’. This one has a wide range and variety of sportswear, hailing from the Japan. The running shoe it sells has given it this platform of being amongst the top20 brands of sportswear in the world. But, this brand is a little bit costly one. But the products of this brand are super-durable and long lasting.

8) Columbia- This American sports brand is there in the market from far 1938 and is equally capable even in today’s world. They are famous for being the only brand producing the quality sportswear items back at that time. SO, the reputation is still there. This brand is also equally famous amongst male and female athletes. It might not be the brand to be in the thumbnails of sports brands. But, those who have used the manufacturing products from this brand have become regular customers.

9) Ajile- This might be an unknown brand name for common people. But there are certain sports personalities who have not used any other brands’ sports products other than this brand. Ajile is the sports brand for all categories of people. They make you one of the best sportswear for both men and women. It costs reasonable as well and is fashionable at the same time.

10) HRX- The most recent and popular sports brand that India owes is HRX. This brand for sports costumes is invented and owned by a famous Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan. This sports brand was launched in 2013. The motto of this product brand is to motivate Indian people for being fit and sporty. The reason people follow this brand is because of the actor. He is also an icon among the aspiring youngsters who carries a charismatic authority towards all his fans.

The above are the top 10 sports brand for men and women in India. You can opt for some other brands like Kappa, Dida and Nivia.   

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