Most Wickets in ODI World Cup | Complete List of Top Bowlers

Every sport has its big event, and for cricket, it's the ICC Cricket World Cup. Imagine all the best cricket teams from around the world, coming toge

Every sport has its big event, and for cricket, it’s the ICC Cricket World Cup. Imagine all the best cricket teams from around the world, coming together every four years to compete for the top spot. 

ODI World Cup Betting

Players train for years just to get a chance to play in this tournament. While batsmen aim to score big runs, there’s another side to this game that’s equally thrilling – the bowlers. They are also as popular as batsmen in ODI World Cup betting. They aim to get the batsmen out, and this is called taking a wicket. Find who got the most wickets in ODI World Cup. 

Why Taking Wickets Matters in Cricket?

In cricket, the batting team tries to score as many runs as they can. But, they can only do that if they have batsmen who are not out. This is where bowlers come in. Their job is to get the batsmen out. The more wickets they take, the better chance their team has to win. A great bowler can change the direction of a game!

List of Bowlers with Most Wickets in ODI World Cup 

Here are the top 3 bowlers in the list of most wickets in ODI World cup cricket. 

Glenn McGrath (Australia)

At the top of the list is Glenn McGrath from Australia. He took a record 71 wickets in World Cups. What made him special was his ability to bowl accurately, making it hard for batsmen to score.

Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)

Close behind McGrath is Muralitharan from Sri Lanka with 68 wickets. He was a master at spin bowling, which means he could turn the ball sharply, often catching batsmen by surprise.

Wasim Akram (Pakistan)

Wasim Akram is another legend with 55 World Cup wickets. He was known for making the ball swing, a skill that tricks batsmen into making mistakes.

Other Bowlers Who Made a Mark

The World Cup has seen many talented bowlers. Some, like Zaheer Khan (India) with his fast deliveries, Javagal Srinath (India) with his bounce, and Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka) with his swing, have all stood out in different tournaments. They’ve played crucial roles for their teams, often turning the game around with their bowling.

Top 3 Current Bowlers 

While we celebrate past heroes, today’s stars are here. Trent Boult (New Zealand) is known for his fast deliveries. Mitchell Starc (Australia) has been a top performer in recent World Cups. And Jasprit Bumrah (India) is a well-established name. These players are the ones to watch in the World Cup 2023.

The Evolution of Bowling

Bowling has changed over the years. In the past, it was all about speed. Bowlers ran in and bowled as fast as they could. But now, there’s more strategy involved. Bowlers have different types of deliveries, like slower balls, cutters, and bouncers, which they use to trick the batsman.

Cricket is always changing. Batsmen are coming up with new shots, and bowlers are finding new ways to get them out. But one thing is sure; bowlers will always be a crucial part of any team. Their ability to take wickets can change a game and even a whole tournament. As we look forward to the next World Cup, we wonder which bowler will step up and leave their mark.

With the advent of technology, bowlers now have access to tools and analytics to improve their game. They can study their actions in slow motion, analyze batsmen’s strengths and weaknesses using data, and even simulate different match scenarios to train better.

Legendary Bowling Partnerships

While individual brilliance often shines, cricket is a team game. There have been numerous instances where bowling partnerships have throttled the opposition. The coordination between two bowlers, bowling in tandem, can create pressure from both ends, leading to mistakes from the batsmen. Partnerships like Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis for Pakistan or Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh for India are celebrated for their combined prowess and understanding.

Concluding Thoughts

Great performances leave a legacy. Youngsters watching the World Cup get inspired by watching their heroes in action. Many bowlers of today grew up idolizing legends of the past, emulating their actions in backyards or local cricket grounds. The World Cup thus is not just a tournament; it’s a platform that inspires the next generation of cricketers.

Cricket, while frequently focusing on batsmen, equally values the skills of bowlers. Throughout World Cup history, bowlers have consistently demonstrated their importance to the game. Whether it’s mastering the art of swing or spin, bowlers have used the World Cup as a platform to highlight their skills. Looking back and forward, it’s clear that bowling, with its strategic importance and thrill, remains a vital component of cricket.

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