The top three reasons to use Kodi in 2019

People's television viewing habit has undergone an enormous change! Given the multiple forms of media, that's available today; people have their disti

People’s television viewing habit has undergone an enormous change! Given the multiple forms of media, that’s available today; people have their distinctive ways to consume entertainment. There’s a section of people who love to watch conventional television, in a traditional way. Similarly, some people prefer to watch their choicest movies, shows, web series and videos on their Smartphone or tablet device. And these Android or the iOS users today are the ones, who use the new age media player apps like Kodi.

The wide use of Kodi

Both the youth and seasoned electronic device users today prefer Kodi to other media player app in the leading operating systems. To know more on the app, you can research on more than one informative site about Kodi.  However, if you are wondering the reasons for using Kodi in 2019, discussed below are three principal reasons for the same.  

  • The app is very cheap

Since the XMBC (Xbox Media Centre) days, the app was completely free. What about today? Yes, it is free. That is one advantage that most users would love to leverage. Also, Kodi is advanced software. And when it’s put side by side to names like Roku, there’s more than just evaluating two software solutions. Like the way one can access Roku is to purchase a smart TV or a Roku streaming device. Regarding the equipment needed to use Kodi, the cost is affordable. It depends to a great extent on the app’s versatility.

  • Kodi practically runs on everything

Users will be impressed with the potent Kodi features. It isn’t a massive program and has a lean size. That suggests you can use Kodi on under-powered and small devices. Furthermore, you can use it on every computing, mobile, and several other hardware devices too.  Most users know Kodi as one homebrew application, which has been designed to operate on the official Xbox video games. However, there have been favorable new age results, especially regarding the expense. An old MAC or a PC can very well become a Kodi box and provide you a streaming device entirely for free. Here you can also research on the ways associated to bypass the Great Firewall.

  • Kodi is an easy and entertaining DIY (Do It Yourself) work

It is fun to load Kodi on your old computing device or even a Raspberry Pi. It’s considered as a DIY job. You can use Kodi on both computers as well as the Xbox consoles with great ease. Additionally, Kodi is open-source software. Hence, everyone can view the code that helps to operate it and make use of that data to develop their customized add-ons. The capacity to make use of add-ons is perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of Kodi. Since it’s you who can develop the Kodi add-on based on your preferences; the entire job is an easy DIY task.

Hence, using Kodi app and its add-ons is a matter of understanding and time! You need to devote very little time to know how the process works, and you are good to go. Ease of use and affordability are the essential reasons why most people are opting in for Kodi today.