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The health benefits of Muay Thai camp for weight loss in Thailand

In general, when people think about losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is endless hours in the treadmill, sweating after an intense se

In general, when people think about losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is endless hours in the treadmill, sweating after an intense session in a stationary bicycle, or doing one thousand abs a day to get the perfect abdomen. However, it is possible –and very likely- to lose weight while having fun and learning new things. Muay Thai is one of them.

Muay Thai is a martial art with a millenary tradition in Thailand. It is the national sport, and it is part of the national pride for any of its people. But it is not only about personal defense and tradition. Muay Thai is also a source of many health benefits, a reliable way to lose weight, and a popular option among fitness enthusiasts to maintain a good shape.

Losing weight with Muay Thai becomes more and more evident as you get through the fundamental movements and start getting a grasp of this sport. In some cases, a one-hour session might result in burning no less than 700 calories, which is more than you eat in one of your meals, especially if you’re following a weight-loss diet plan. Combining your training with propernutrition would definitely speed up your results and give you the ripped body shape you’ve always wanted.

But training Muay Thai reports more benefits than just doing cardio, and in most cases, it is more effective. This is because you’re not doing repetitive stuff. By training Muay Thai, you’re actually learning something new and progressing in your practice. That gives you an additional source of motivation that’s very different to the routine of going to the gym to do theexact same things every single day.

So, if you’re into this fitness world but do not like to do the same thing over and over again, try Muay Thai. After understanding the basics and having a domain of simple movements, you will start seeing faster results, and your overall health will improve.

There are plenty of health benefits associated with Muay Thai, including a decrease in cardiovascular risk, an improved balance of blood lipids, tight control of blood sugar, reduction of insulin resistance and the risk of diabetes, among others. Given all of its health applications, there’s no wonder why many fitness enthusiasts prefer Muay Thai as their most important source of weight loss.

In Thailand, Muay Thai is respected as a martial art, but that does not mean learning this discipline is boring and ritualistic. All of the opposite, because in our training camps dispersed throughout the country, we have developed a teaching strategy to make it a fun and exciting experience for both foreigners and locals. The training at Suwit Muay Thai for many times a week can improve your health. We are committed to extending Muay Thai as a sporting discipline with multiple health benefits for anyone interested in the fitness world.