Stag Do Holiday In Krakow

Having a stag do holiday is increasingly being preferred in Krakow because of all the numerous things that the city has to offer. The city is one of t

Having a stag do holiday is increasingly being preferred in Krakow because of all the numerous things that the city has to offer. The city is one of the oldest in Poland and has more than 6000 historic sites and two million artworks. Apart from the impressive architecture and artwork of the city, it also boasts of having numerous and the best strip clubs, wine cellars, and bars in the whole of Eastern Europe and around the world.

Moreover, another reason why the city is a top stag do destination is that it is extremely cheap in terms of expenses. Additionally, unlike some other destinations that may present a cheap budget option for your pocket; having an adventurous stag do holiday in Krakow also ensures that you and your mates enjoy a great quality atmosphere. Consequently, here we take a look at the amenities and attractions the city of Krakow has to offer for your Stag Do.

Off-road 4×4 Experience

If you have an absolute thirst for speed and the pumping of adrenaline, then it is possible to quench your thirst through the off-road 4×4 experience. There are various services that offer off-road vehicles to be driven on some of the top courses in Krakow. Professional driving here does not simply concern itself with speed. You have to also effectively employ the use of your skills to navigate through a given racing course like a pro. You have to dodge purpose-built obstacles and also know how to drive the off-road beast out of the mud if it happens to get

stuck. It is not a simple ride.

Stag party tram

There is no doubt that in Krakow you have a lot of options in as far as the choice of partying bars and clubs are concerned. The numerous clubs and bars ensure that the nightlife in the city is a great one. But while partying in clubs and bars with your company or mates is a popular idea, you are also in a position to try something new in the name of a stag party tram. Renting a private tram can help you and your mates go around the city in the company of strippers, great music, and even booze.

The Auschwitz concentration camp

This camp is often referred to as a pillar of the history of the Polish. This is the largest camp for concentration and elimination built during World War II by the Nazis. In the camp, you will see the evidence of crimes that were committed in the form of the crematorium and the gas chamber. Visiting the camp allows you to learn some bit of important culture or history about the city and its people. Of course, you will still partake in the usual debauchery, drinking and partying that the city has to offer apart from learning about its past.

Local Polish food

How can a great stag do holiday in the city end without eating some proper and scrumptious polish food? There are various traditional Polish cooked foods that you can be served through the various eating joints available. If you want to get in the mood for partying in the city, drink some Polish dumplings, soups, and stews.

Sightseeing tour

Taking a tour of the city using a rented bike will help you not only get some much needed fresh air but also see some other sights and attractions of the city. Some of the early settlements in the city date all the way back to the 14th century. The oldest structure in the Kraków is the Krakus Mound. It has managed to remain untarnished from the Middle Ages since the city did not suffer from the World War 2 bombings. The summit of the Krakus Mound is sixteen-meter high and therefore provides incredible panoramic views of the surrounding. Another old structure worth visiting in Kraków is the Wawel Cathedral.

Wild nightlife

Nightlife is a bit more relaxed in Kraków compared to Warsaw. But Kraków boasts of heaps of pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, and cellar bars. All these places offering you the chance to experience the nightlife of the city are populated by locals that are friendly and laid back. If you are a gamer, there are also many venues like Cybermachina that offers you the chance to play retro games and cheap drink is available in plenty.

Some of the best nightclubs that you can visit are the chic Pozytywka and the extravagant Baccarat. In addition, the hot girls available can greatly enhance your nightlife experience. Kraków is a university town and therefore hosts more than half a million students. If you have experienced college life then you remember how fun it was being around college girls. Also, Polish women are incredibly hot.

As you have seen, having stag weekends in Krakow allows you to indulge in various activities. You are guaranteed to have an action-packed weekend and at a price that is pocket-friendly. If you want to get to Krakow, it is important to note that it is relatively affordable and easy to get there. There is strong competition between various airlines and regular flights are offered by EasyJet and Ryanairapart from other airlines. That is from the UK and other European countries and the flights are to nearby Katowice or Krakow Airport.

In conclusion,

The main city center is small enough and that greatly promotes movement by walking. Of course, if you want to go further, you may need the use of rental bikes. Alternatively, you can hire a private Limo or Hummer for a luxury transport around the city in the company of sexy strippers, if you prefer it that way.