7 tips to control your anger and lead a positive life!

Anger refers to a strong feeling which can take place within your mind when you are feel9ng frustrated towards any obstacle that you may face in your

Anger refers to a strong feeling which can take place within your mind when you are feel9ng frustrated towards any obstacle that you may face in your life, or you are hurt due to broken relationships, separation from your loved one, or you may feel annoying due to any heated argument with your parents or with your colleagues at the workplace or when you feel disappointed for not getting what you want. Anger itself is not a negative feeling rather it depends on your reactions towards this feeling. Anger can lead to negative consequences only if you hurt someone else, i.e. when anger leads to aggression. Some people keep their anger inside and as a consequence, indulge in passive-aggressive behavior due to which they might hurt people without disclosing them the exact reason behind it.

Let us explore some of the best ways to blurt your anger out or control your anger to handle your day to day life problems well and to solve your problems in a much effective manner. The most appropriate ways through which you can control your anger are mentioned below:

  1. Relaxation technique: one of the best ways to control your feelings is to relax your body by taking a deep breath and talking to oneself with a positive orientation. One should engage in the repetition of a word that inculcates positive feeling within you such as “peace”, “calm” or “relax”.
  2. Physical exercises: one of the best ways to channelize your aggressive tendencies is to indulge yourself in physical activities such as walking, running, and swimming, doing cardio or any type of workout. It will help in keeping your mood in a better state and will provide relief against anger and tension.
  3. Talk it out: it is always better t express your feelings rather than keeping it to yourself but you should know the right way to do that. Hence, you should make an attempt to put your thoughts in a clear way and calmly to the concerned person. You must always remember that any form of aggression exhibited by you is surely going to cause more harm to your body such as your heart functioning as well as it can worsen the health conditions in comparison to the one to which these feelings are directed.
  4. Laughter therapy: we have been listening to this since ages that laughter is the best medicine and you can cure any ailment by just laughing out loud while beginning your day. You should engage yourself in good conversations and laugh more often, you should try to observe humor in different situations to keep your mood lighten and brighten.
  5. Be a good listener: a communication can be improved only if you are ready to listen patiently to what others are saying. A good communication helps in establishing trust amongst people. The feeling of trust is very powerful in controlling negative feelings. Listening patiently to others resolve all the problems by just clearing out the misunderstandings which usually creates frustration in the minds of people. Hence, you may keep your viewpoint amongst each other by simply identifying the problems and without fighting with each other you may reach a positive conclusion.
  6. Refrain from drugs: this is one of the very important steps and very neglectful one, like drinking and smoking and having other drugs has now become a trend to be socially desirable. But you should understand the harmful effects of such substance addiction both on your physical health as well as mental health.

Consuming alcohol makes you more vulnerable to get angry even over small issues and reduces your tolerance levels. The doctors who deal with addicted patients keep their focus on anger management in addiction treatment.

  1. Keep a track of your feelings: one of the best ways to control anger is to blurt it out on a piece of paper. You can also maintain a diary containing your feelings about your life issues which will surely help you to introspect yourself more. Make sure to end every page with a positive outlook.


Therefore, the above mentioned are some of the most appropriate ways through which one can keep control on anger and other related feelings and inculcate positivity in one’s life.