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Small Businesses are Utilizing Three SEO Strategies to Beat the Competition

Small Businesses benefit from basic SEO strategies, but the businesses that are beating out their competitors are engaging in more creative SEO strate

Small Businesses benefit from basic SEO strategies, but the businesses that are beating out their competitors are engaging in more creative SEO strategies. While all business owners know that search engine optimization is important and might try to add some basic keywords to their webpages, the savvy business owners know how to maximum their ROI by working with professional digital marketing teams. Here are some of the current trends digital marketers are utilizing:

  1. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords  

Rather than focusing on general keywords, strategists are now identifying long-tail keywords. This means working with a business to identify their niche and how consumers are searching for items in their niche. For example, instead of searching for “sports equipment,” a long-tail keyword may be “left-hand golf clubs.” These phrases pinpoint more exact items, which means less sites to compete against.

  1. Use Link Building Services

Small businesses greatly benefit from link building as it leads new visitors to their sites. However, many businesses find that it is easier to use a link building company than to do it themselves. Professionals know how to build quality links and identify sites that are worthy of external linking. This is key – link building can turn bad quickly if you gain links from spam sites or link unethically.
Another strategy that small businesses can use is looking into companies whose services include providing leads specifically for your business’s target audience. For example, if your business belongs to the solar industry, some companies provide solar leads where prospects are already interested and looking into alternative solar ways. These lead generation companies connect small businesses with potential customers actively searching for products or services related to their industry, giving them a better chance of converting those leads into paying customers. Overall, implementing SEO and lead generation strategies can be a valuable investment for small businesses looking to increase their online presence and customer base.

  1. Work with Influencers

Finally, social media influencers have created a whole new way of internet marketing. By connecting with an influencer, your business has the chance to gain more traffic than ever before. Just like the in school, strategizing with influencer marketing means more popularity. With tons of followers, these social media hosts have tons of influence. If you connect with an influencer and they post about your site, you can expect more business. For example, if you are selling products for new parents and a popular parenting social media influencer posts about your products, this is a strategic way to gain site traffic.

While these SEO strategies are out-of-the-box, they are helping many small businesses find great success.

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