If you walk into any fan market today, you are bound to be mesmerised and confused with the plethora of choices available. The ceiling fans at our homes usually get the following treatment, first we research for them before buying and take care towards installing them, next we simply ignore them until or unless they stop working. This makes the job for us manufacturers tougher to provide you with the best ceiling fan brands in India.

The best ceiling fans in India generally follow some basic parameters to qualify to be accepted under your knowledgeable gaze to be selected finally to adorn your homes. These parameters are one, save electricity and two, large surface area covered. But unfortunately there are many other things that usually a person misses to check. A ceiling fan is made up of some basic parts like the drop rod and blades. Some also come with light fixtures to add the required panache to your surroundings.

A fan is surely the cheapest method to increase air circulation in a room that works both for hot and cold conditions that India’s weather throws at us. But not all fans are good enough for both weathers. A summer ceiling fan should rotate in a counter-clockwise direction that pushes the colder air upwards and thus displacing the warmer air in the upward direction and bringing down the temperature by almost 7 degrees less than the ambient air. On the other hand a winter ceiling fan should rotate in a clockwise direction to push the hotter air down.

Also look out for the following things before you choose the best ceiling fan brands in India.

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• Energy Consumption: Fan manufacturing companies provide a star rating to their fans as per the directions of ‘The Bureau of Energy Efficiency’ standards. These parameters govern many aspects of the fan and from your perspective higher the number of stars, better is the fan in bringing down your electricity bill at the end of the month. If your fan has any lights added for style then usually it will have a slightly lower star rating.

• Airflow: This refers to the displacement of air by a fan in a particular time duration. It is written on the fan with the abbreviation CFM or cubic feet per minute to denote the fans capability. Airflow determines how good the fan can help bring down the temperature in your room as well as its efficiency.

• Number of blades: Having more blades does not guarantee more air. Though it is usually recommended to go for higher number of blades if the room is larger. The shape of the blades and the angle of their placement define the airflow and this factor should be more considered as a style statement only.

• Motor: The best ceiling fans in India make sure they use a motor that performs better with lower energy requirements which affords them to have a higher star rating.
So choose well the one item that will be a long time partner to your ceiling by surfing the market thoroughly and keeping these points mentioned above in mind.

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