Why Choose Serverwala for Best Dedicated Server in India?

Servers are one of the most important things that are needed to establish a business. This huge demand for servers stems from the fact that this is t

Servers are one of the most important things that are needed to establish a business. This huge demand for servers stems from the fact that this is the Internet age and every business, from the smallest to the largest and already established ones are taking to the internet. In this race, anyone who has a faster loading website with better opportunities is more likely to win, and here comes the advantage of servers. Servers are the building blocks for websites- it is the platform on which a site runs. Everything that a site is capable of in terms of performance is determined by the kind of server on which it is run.

Concerning the importance of servers in running a site, there are different options for servers available out there. From shared servers which are the cheapest of the lot to dedicated servers which are the most expensive ones, you need to make a well-informed choice if you are thinking of making an impact with your website. The dedicated server in India is some of the best option, yet there are many variations in them too. As the name implies, these are the server options that are entirely “dedicated” to do “your” bidding contrary to a shared server which is used by many. To put it simply, you have all the hardware entities and software options available at your disposal in the case of a dedicated server. There is no second user in this environment and you decide what is to be done and what happens to the server from time to time. Only you hold the power to decide about all the aspects of such a server.

Reasons to Choose a Dedicated server In India for Your Business

Since you will be owning every part of a dedicated server there are a plethora of advantages that is paired to a dedicated server. You can do a lot of things when you are using a dedicated server in India while also getting lots of benefits.

#1 Resources

When you have to use a shared server, you have to share the resources on that server. The sharing of resources brings on lots of problems, the most significant one being the unavailability of resources when you need them the most. However, when you are using a dedicated server in India, you already own all the resources available. You have no second user hooked on to your hardware and thus your resources. Even if you are running multiple websites, you can segment and distribute the resources as you like and can even change that if the need arises without any problem. Your resources are your own to deal with.

#2 Configuration

When you are using a computerized system the need for configuration arises from time to time. Whether it is to introduce a security patch or a need to upgrade the hardware, the need for configurations is very real with computerized systems. The many shared server options available have a low degree of configurability as you have only limited access to the main system. You do not have any access to the hardware setup at all while only limited access to the software applications. However, with a dedicated server in India, since you own everything, you have unbounded access to both the hardware and the software. Thus it is very easy to configure your system any way you like.

#3 Scalability

Scalability refers to the upgradation of various hardware resources from time to time to support the changes and increasing load on your website. Be it the RAM or the storage, these features need to be upgraded over time for the smooth running of your website. When you are using a dedicated server, you can easily scale up when you need to. You can even choose the time when you want to scale up that has the added advantage of lesser downtime.

 #4 Security

Security is one of the most important concerns when dealing with the internet. All kinds of malicious programs, viruses, and even hackers are lurking out there which are looking for a chance to tread upon your data and take away useful information or hinder smooth working. Such instances are much more frequent and unavoidable in a shared server wherein there are lots of users carrying out lots of different activities. With a dedicated server In India, since you are the only user, such chances are much less. You can also upgrade the software from time to time in such a way to introduce heightened security features and keep all your data safe.

Why Choose Serverwala for Dedicated Server in India?

 Serverwala is a promising face when it comes to providing server hosting solutions. They have been in effect since 2008 and have been providing server hosting services for a long time. They are very reliable and with their dedicated team of experts, are available any time you need their help. They are such a brilliant hosting service provider that they have already spread to over 150 countries and have a 70,000-users strong base. Here are some exclusive deals you will find only at Serverwala- 

RAM: Whether you are looking for a system with a smaller RAM space or one with very high specifications, everything is available at Serverwala. All you need to do is to decide what you require and such a plan will be available to you.

Bandwidth: The bandwidth determines the speed at which information is transferred to and from your system in a given time. Thus, it is the measure of how fast your website is likely to work. At Serverwala, you are likely to get Bandwidth speeds of 10TB and even higher which is a great way to keep your websites fast and highly operational.

Storage Options: Serverwala provides its users with all kinds of storage options. You can go for a plan with smaller space allocation or even a plan with 1 GB or higher save allocations. You can also choose between SSD and HDD options depending upon your need- the former being a much faster option than the latter.

All these options make Serverwala such an amazing place to look for server plans. They also provide amazing managed dedicated server plans wherein experts from their teams will cater to all the needs of your dedicated server in India. Be it a security upgrade or a change in the OS or anything to do with the hardware, the team of experts can take care of all the problems with great ease.


There are many server plans available at Serverwala for you to choose from. To choose the best-suited plan you have to first understand your needs and then go for a plan. A decision should be based on all the facts available to you and not only upon how much you have to pay or the best speed options or anything else. The plan that you choose should be an optimum solution that caters to all these factors and then only can you benefit from the dedicated server in India plan in the long run. If the setup provided is not keeping up with the increased load at your site, then you can always upgrade your plan to suit your needs without any problem at all.(300)

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