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Starting a Career in the Child Care Industry

If you’re someone who enjoys spending time with kids, then a job related to child care is perfect for you. Staff at a child care centre Cairns facili

If you’re someone who enjoys spending time with kids, then a job related to child care is perfect for you. Staff at a child care centre Cairns facility knows how to adapt to the children’s never-ending curiosity, as well as, their endless level of energy. Are you ready to work at a child care centre?

Duties and Responsibilities

First things first, the number one goal of workers at child care centres Cairns facilities is to attend to the basic needs of the kids. Parents/guardians leave their young ones at a child care centre expecting that they will be fully taken care of. So this must be followed. Child care workers are also responsible for the following:

  • Imparting age-appropriate learning opportunities for children
  • Monitoring children for physical, behavioural or emotional issues and reports them to the staff or the children’s parents/guardians
  • Helping children discover new interests or hobbies
  • Making sure children acquire positive behaviour
  • Getting children ready for the next school level
  • Partnering with parents/guardians in guiding children towards educational growth

How to Land a Job at a Child Care Centre?

Get Certifications

To achieve a child care job Brisbane title, you should need to at least complete a Certificate III in Early Childhood Care and/or Children’s services. It will take about a year to complete a certification program. Some programs also offer an opportunity to return later should you wish to pursue an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. It is also recommended to take up a first aid course and CPR training. Note that these need to be updated every year.

Turn the Spotlight to Your Completed Related Courses 

If you’re not yet certified in early childhood care, you may want to highlight other related courses you have already completed in the past. This shows potential employers that you have a well-rounded background that can help in working at a child care Nambour facility. Being an expert in math, music or a foreign language may also come handy in a classroom.

Volunteer with Kids

Even if you don’t have proper education, employers may consider you for a job in a child care centre Cairns facility if they see that you’re active in volunteering with kids. A simple babysitting task or working with a small group of kids can easily help you further in your application. Volunteer work can manifest that you are reliable, can work with others, and can maintain a position for a certain time.

Feature Your Qualities and Abilities

Each one of us has our own set of capabilities. Don’t forget to include those, especially the applicable skills in childhood education, in your resume. If you already have previous employment, mention in your cover letter experiences that may be useful in a child care centre setting. You may even highlight your personality and how it can be best applied in a child care job.

Begin Your Career in the Child Care Industry

Looking for a child care centre Cairns facility to work for? Apply at Lady Gowrie QLD. They are a not-for-profit organisation providing early childhood education in Queensland and Australia since 1940.

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