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SAP GRC Auditing and Tricks Step by Step Guide in 2020

SAP GRC: SAP is not itself as a software and it is a product name. SAP is an ERP application. In any application in its objective is to take care of

SAP GRC: SAP is not itself as a software and it is a product name. SAP is an ERP application. In any application in its objective is to take care of the ERP in an organisation. To help the organisation integrate its resources so that they can run sap applications and so run their day and day out activities.

SAP GRC Auditing step by step

GRC usage requires a huge change in the executives to give end clients the comprehension and certainty to utilize the new system. A first-rate change the executive’s plan will permit clients to rapidly adjust to the new GRC system and have the option to utilize it adequately and productively. Simultaneously, it will also prevent abuse of the system because of the absence of appropriate guidelines.

Audit Universe contains audit substances which can be named business units, lines of business or departments. Audit elements characterize the audit arranging procedure and these can be connected to Process Control and Risk Management to discover dangers, controls, and so forth.

Step #1. Switch to /nwbc option at the left top to open Work Centers.

Step #2. Check the SAP NetWeaver Business Client then go to IAM Work Center.

Step #3.  operate to Internal Audit Management → Audit Universe

Step #4.  then Click on the Create button and go to the General tab option.

Step #5. Type the following details for auditable entity operation −

  • Name
  • Description
  • Type
  • Status
  • Try to add any additional information

Step #6. Go to the Audit Plan tab to view audit proposals and audit plan proposals with the exchange date. 

Step #7. Select the attachments and links tab to include any kind of records or connections. 

Stage #8. When you enter the necessary details, you can choose the following options −

  • Select Save to spare the substance. 
  • Select Close to exit without saving.

Now Let me Create the Audit Risk Rating

Stage #1.  In SAP NetWeaver Business Client, go to IAM Work Center. 

Audit Management Tab 

Stage #2. Navigate to Internal Audit Management → Audit Risk Rating → Create 

Stage #3. In the General tab, enter the accompanying subtleties − 

  • Name
  • Description
  • Valid from
  • Valid to
  • Responsible person
  • Status 

Stage #4. Go to Auditable Entities and snap Add catch to look over auditable elements. 

Stage #5. Go to the Risk Factor tab, and select the ARR hazard factor. Select Add to include a hazard factor → OK. 

Stage #6. Go to the Risk Scores tab, select substance and info hazard scores on the chance factor table. Snap Calculate catch to see the normal score. Go to Risk level and hazard need segment to enter the subtleties. 

Go to the Audit Plan Proposal tab, to guarantee that you are making an Audit plan proposition. The select fare to make an exceed expectations spreadsheet to see data in table structure for your ARR. 

Select Save catch to save Audit hazard rating for auditable substance.

Top Five Auditing Tricks

  1. Ability to add internal audit’s existing risk and control library.
  2. Quickly upload work programs, packages and test steps.
  3. Track open finding and assign actions across the organisation.
  4. Cater to specific organisation structure.
  5. When doing process audits, ability to import current operational controls

SAP GRC Benefits

  • SAP GRC encourages the association to deal with its guidelines and its consistency and to do the accompanying exercises: 
  • Simple incorporation of GRC exercises into the current procedure and computerization of key GRC exercises. 
  • Low multifaceted nature and hazard the board proficiently. 
  • Improve hazard the executive’s exercises. 
  • Oversee misrepresentation in prepared organizations and deal with the review viably. 
  • Associations work better and organizations can secure their qualities.

SAP GRC itself is an incredible stage however just for experienced individuals and fortunate ones and it is as yet the market chief in ERP section and will remain so for a long time. Any individual who wishes to get in SAP, kindly do it, on the off chance that you are fortunate and dedicated, you will have an extraordinary profession.


GRC is a difficult region and an ever-increasing number of organizations are focusing on it, by and large since they are being compelled to by administrative specialists. It is in this way prone which implies you will have the option to turn into a “genuine” expert right now.to turn out to be more significant and far-reaching instead of less. You get an opportunity to get into this and get preparing and hands-on experience.

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