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5 Worthwhile Reasons To Consider Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Even though most of us might assume that there has been little development in garage door technology, there's a good chance your garage door opener is

Even though most of us might assume that there has been little development in garage door technology, there’s a good chance your garage door opener is between 20 and 30 years old. Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to overlook garage upgrades, and with this, the garage door opener is often forgotten about when the time for home upgrades rolls around each year. 

So, if you’re wondering if it’s really worthwhile to invest a few hundred dollars to have your home fitted with the best garage door opener on the market, we’ve listed five reasons you should consider this home upgrade. 

Your Garage Door Opener Hasn’t Been Replaced In 10 Years Or More

One of the most specific reasons you should consider replacing your garage door opener is if you haven’t done so in the past ten years or more. 

Even though these systems can last quite a long, they should be replaced every ten years at least. With this, if you aren’t entirely sure how old your garage door opener is, it’s wise to call an expert to evaluate the make and model and determine if a replacement is necessary.

It Keeps Hitting Things

If your garage door continues to close even though there’s a vehicle or even a person beneath it, there’s no doubt that it’s time for a new one. 

Older garage door openers do not have automatic sensors that can determine when there’s a person or an object below, which makes these older garage door openers a lot more dangerous. Instead of holding onto your older model garage door opener, consider the heightened safety that comes with the sensor feature in newer models. 

Squeaky Or Grinding Noises

Even though annoying mechanical noises might signal that your garage door opener needs maintenance, it’s best to replace the system if you notice loud burdensome noises emerging each time the system is in use. 

More often than not, older model garage door openers are prone to squeaky or grinding noises due to the components. So, if yours is making annoying sounds, compare the prices of newer models. 

Enhanced Home Security

A newer model garage door opener will also enhance home security substantially. Not only are older models prone to being hacked by intruders, but they also pose a safety risk to you and your family due to the lack of sensors. 

By installing a newer model garage door opener, the risk of home intrusion will be reduced substantially. Moreover, there will be no risk of the garage door injuring you or your family. 

Access More Advanced Features

Other than enhanced operational performance and better home security, replacing your garage door opener will also give you access to a world of advanced features. Modern garage door openers typically come with a backup battery to ensure the garage door remains functional during power outages. 

In addition to this, some modern garage door openers can also connect to the internet and operate via smartphone software. And if that’s not compelling enough to get you to replace your garage door opener, modern systems can also support sensors that measure the temperature of the garage and even prevent fires as a result. 

Lastly, another reason to invest in a new garage door opener is if you are currently struggling with a manual garage door opener. Manual openers increase safety risks and reduce convenience enormously.