Hacks To Put Your Real Estate Career into Overdrive

The real estate industry has always been a competitive field. That's particularly true for those who choose to act as independent agents. Every year,

The real estate industry has always been a competitive field. That’s particularly true for those who choose to act as independent agents. Every year, newly licensed individuals hang out their shingles and offer their services to the public. Some are highly successful, while others just don’t have the perseverance to make it in a field that requires plenty of patience, hard work, and creativity.

How can real estate pros give their careers a boost without spending a fortune or completely changing their marketing focus? The good news is that there are many ways to revamp a fledgling real estate career trajectory. The only catch is that licensed agents need to figure out which hack and tactics work best for their specific demographic and target market. Some get the most bang for their buck by hiring social media experts, while others take out small business loans to cover high-quality advertising campaigns.

In some cases, it’s just a matter of expanding your asset portfolio to include more choices for clients or starting a power breakfast organization to build a supportive marketing network. Even moves as simple as joining a local church and handing out business cards to influencers can make a major difference in annual profits for real estate agents. Here are more details about some quick hacks that can jump-start your career.

Hire a Social Media Expert

The majority of house hunters and sellers use the internet to find professional help these days. That’s why it makes perfect sense to hire a freelance social media pro to assist you with setting up a coordinated marketing effort aimed at attracting fresh clients. Consider working with someone who has experience in real estate and who can show you several previous campaigns they developed for similar owners.

Get a Small Business Loan

Supercharging a real estate operation entails having enough funds to conduct effective advertising. Marketing, promotion, and ads are the top expense category for new and experienced professionals in the property segment. For most practitioners, that means taking out a small business loan to pay professional ad agencies for their services. Some entrepreneurs balk at the cost of marketing, but there’s no more efficient way to bring in new clients. When done right, ad campaigns pay for themselves many times over. However, it’s necessary to spend money in order to make it, as the old adage goes. The saying is uniquely applicable in the field of real estate, where even the most capable, experienced agents need to get their names out there if they want to attract the attention of potential buyers and sellers.

Start a Power Breakfast Club

A fun, easy, and fast way to bolster your networking results is to start a power breakfast circle. Invite four or five personal service pros from other industries for a monthly or weekly early morning meal. The point is to harness the collective marketing and advertising knowledge of the group. Because there’s no overlap of specific professions, people are more willing to open up about how they bring in new customers. An ideal grouping consists of yourself, an insurance agent, a professional accountant, an independent hair stylist, and a solo practitioner who is a doctor or dentist. If you eventually decide to consider outsourcing for your real estate business some of these professionals can provide trustworthy references and referrals as well. 

Expand Your Portfolio

Don’t fall into the rut of offering just one type of property. If you currently sell new homes to young buyers, consider adding small commercial buildings, raw land, or multi-family homes to the mix. There’s no need to become an expert in any one niche, but make an effort to read up on the various kinds of assets you intend to add to your menu of offerings.

Leverage the Power of Business Cards

It’s an old-fashioned technique that still works and one that costs little to implement. That’s why strategically handing out business cards is a popular hack for new and experienced professionals in dozens of different fields. Be sure to spend a little extra to produce high-quality cards that don’t include the printer’s adverting anywhere on them. Plus, set of goal of handing out or posting at least 10 cards per day, every day of the week. You’ll be surprised at how effective this age-old method can be.

Join a Church

Connecting with a church group is not a deceptive or black hat tactic as long as you choose one that aligns with your beliefs. The goal is to build up your social network and meet new people. Keep in mind that many who relocate join a local church while they’re looking for permanent housing.