Reasons To Buy Handmade Products

In theory, most of us know that there are great Reasons To Buy Handmade Products. Whether we're buying from local artisans and crafters or supporting

In theory, most of us know that there are great Reasons To Buy Handmade Products. Whether we’re buying from local artisans and crafters or supporting a Fait a la Main artist. Maybe you have considered exactly what the bonus is of shopping for handmade, and who gets what out of the transaction?

You can find, of course, huge benefits for you personally while the purchaser and to the maker as the company owner. But there are more far-reaching benefits in buying, using, and making Reasons To Buy Handmade Products.

Good For The Environment

Handmade products are great for the environment. Most handmade products don’t require a factory or large production facility. Instead, nearly all are created in small craft studios and workshops, the transformed shed at the bottom of the garden, or people’s own homes.

Handmade is usually very local, so it doesn’t travel hundreds and thousands of miles to get at you. When you order from Made By Rachel, you realize that your handmade order is via within the UK, and it’s made within the UK too!

Handmade Product Is Unique

Unlike gifts that can be mass-produced, you’ll often find unique differences in each handmade item, making the item and the purchase very special. Nobody in the world may have the same item, and that’s pretty unique!

Many handmade gifts you can find with Made By Rachel are made to order and customized, and personalized to your specification.

Supporting The Local Economy

When you obtain a product from Made By Rachel, you’re directly supporting a UK-based artist. Although it may not be directly local for your requirements, the amount of money stays in the UK, and that is a pretty big deal. Instead of your money going to large international companies where the maker or designer receives a fraction of the item price in actuality, it goes straight to the person who made your wonderful gift.

But it’s not only about money. Each purchase provides the artist, the maker, the craftsperson confidence in their product, a chance to develop their skills further, the opportunity to re-invest the amount of money back to their business and continue producing beautiful works of art.

Handmade Withstands Time

Remember those times whenever you bought something, and it lasted for an extended time? Most handmade items are made to last. They are produced from a product that may withstand time, and the changes are that you will keep them for an extended time.

Quirky And Is On Trend

Independent designer-makers and crafters, in many cases, are on-trend much quicker than large businesses and commercially produced gifts. As a small business, I can afford to experiment and make a one-off item to see whether it will gain interest, identify a pattern, and design an assortment quickly that perfectly matches the trend. To introduce a new service within a large commercial organization will take easily 12 months. A small independent designer will be a lot more flexible than that.

Story Behind Each Product

Each handmade product has a unique story, each handmade shop and the person who created it puts a lot of time and effort into making something unique, beautiful, and made only for you. There is a reason behind every choice through the stages of your product creation – why the gems selected for the silver bracelet have a lovely peacock green color or why the color of your beads is a particular shade of purple.

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