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Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Choose Nursing as a Career

These days, it's so easy to get pressured by the timelines set by the society. For example, by 18 years old, students are expected to enter the univer

These days, it’s so easy to get pressured by the timelines set by the society. For example, by 18 years old, students are expected to enter the university and select a course that will define their career.

After four to five years, these students are then expected to find a good-paying job so they can fend for their needs and settle debts incurred when they attended the university.

Because of such pressing deadlines and ridiculous stereotypes, the majority of high school students are forced to pick and enrol in a course they don’t even like. The worse part is that they end up pursuing a career just to pay for the bills and their student loans.

It is indeed the harsh reality, but it doesn’t mean that you have to conform to such social norms in order to lead a happy and successful life.

If you feel disconnected to your current job or career path, there may be something wrong. It may be a tell-tale sign that you must shift to a new career. Perhaps you can try nursing for a change. It is one of the most meaningful professions that will allow you to touch lives, contribute to the betterment of the society, settle your debts, and fend for you and your family’s needs at the same time.   

Nursing a financially rewarding career

Nurses are among the highest paid professionals in the world. In the UK, newbie nurses earn around £24,000 a year. After undergoing training and specialisation courses, nurses can potentially earn up to £60,000.

But of course, the monetary compensation is not the only reason that makes nursing a highly rewarding profession. There’s a myriad of factors that make nursing a worth-it choice in case you want a career change.

For example, working as a nurse also provides you with long-term financial stability. If you wish to relocate in the UK or if you want to provide a better for a future, it would help to have a long-term and good-paying work.

If you successfully secure a position as an NHS nurse, you get to have a stable job for three years. If you work hard and deliver the best services and continue your training, NHS will extend your contract. The same rules apply if you qualify for a job in the private sector. In most nursing, agencies, they grant their workers one or three years contract

Regardless if you want to work in the public or private sector, it’s easy to find vacant nursing jobs to fill. The UK government is looking for more nurses to work in the country to address the employment shortage. They welcome both local and foreign nurses to the workforce.

Beyond the handsome pay and assured stability

Many people want to shift into a completely new career because they no longer find happiness and fulfilment in their current jobs. Others simply want to try something more meaningful and exciting. The rest aim to expand their knowledge and skills.

As a nurse, you get to enjoy the whole package. Aside from the satisfying compensation and financial stability, here are the other rewards you get from becoming a nurse:

  • You can save and change the lives of thousands of patients and their families.
  • It will allow you to improve your skills better through constant training provided by the company or the NHS.
  • You will never run out of things to do especially during your 12-hour shifts, allowing you to reach your maximum potential as a medical professional.
  • If you work in an agency, you have the opportunity to work in various places.
  • If you want to achieve higher learning, you can easily enrol in specialisation courses.
  • You don’t have to worry about balancing your personal life and career thanks to the flexible and manageable work hours set by the UK government.
  • You earn the respect of the locals and love and admiration of your patients and their loved ones.

With all the rewards that you can potentially reap, are you still going to think twice about doing a career shift?

How to take up nursing as your second degree

If you decide to become a full-fledged nurse after completing a non-related university degree, you should enrol in an accelerated nursing programme. This will allow you to complete a nursing degree within three years instead of four provided you satisfy the requirements set by your chosen university.

To know the required documents you need to submit, we recommend checking the website of your target university.

If you need financial support to complete the accelerated nursing programme, you can read the guidelines and policies of the NHS.

You must prepare and submit the documents needed, fill up the forms provided, and wait for the approval of your university and loan application.  

Once you secure approval for your applications, your next priority is to make sure that you successfully complete the course.  

Is it difficult to shift to nursing?

It goes without saying that nursing is indeed a very difficult course. It will require you to enrich your knowledge and hone your skills.

Aside from studying basic concepts in caring for patients, you also need to learn about human anatomy, physiology, virology, pharmacology and all sorts of other fundamental medical concepts in order to provide quality medical care.

Practical training is also an integral part of the curriculum. During your placement, you will need to train and work under the supervision of seasoned nurses in hospitals. They will teach you the proper ways of conducting a triage, holding surgical equipment and adjusting the level of supplemental oxygen provided to patients.

On top of the academic and practical training, you must also work on your communication and socialisation skills.

Learning how to relate yourself with people around you is crucial because once you become a nurse, you will be required to work with innumerable types of people.

You must learn how to manage your anger and extend your patience especially when you work with intolerable patients or hospital staff.

While everything may sound a wee bit scary and challenging, know that you will eventually get used to things as you finish your nursing degree and placement.

Once you graduate, you should immediately get registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The university will forward your credentials to the NMC office and they will send you an email notification with your site login details. Only then can you finish the registration process and look for possible employment in the UK.

No, it’s never too late!

Because nursing is indeed one of the most fulfilling jobs on the planet, thousands of individuals who are already pursuing a different career want to work in this industry as well.

If you’re feeling slightly discouraged and scared to pursue nursing because of your age or the number of years you spent working in a different field, then you should consider other professionals who succeeded.  

There are thousands of success stories out there. Some of them started studying in nursing school after 30 because of early pregnancy. Others chose a different course when they attended college.

No matter what hindered you from taking up nursing before, you should put it all behind you. Take the opportunity now and become one of the finest nurses in Great Britain.