4 Places to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines consists of more than 7000 islands. It’s therefore a country you can come back to countless times and still have something new to expl

The Philippines consists of more than 7000 islands. It’s therefore a country you can come back to countless times and still have something new to explore and visit. The best decision to make is to explore the islands on your own with a vehicle you’ve rented.

In order to drive by yourself, you’ll need an intentional license Philippines will recognize. That’s an easy document to obtain and it will allow you to rent a car and drive while abroad for a year.

  1. Boracay

Boracay is considered to be the capital of the Philippines and especially so when it comes to those who visit the islands to enjoy the beautiful beaches it has to offer. It has over 12 of them on the island, and all of them are pristine and beautiful.

The most visited and bellowed beach on the island is Puka Shell Beach. It’s especially popular with those who like to collect shells and that’s how it got its name. The Cagban beach that’s nearby is also very popular since it’s quiet and close to the caves that are said to still hide pirate treasures.

2. Bohol

Bohol is known as one of those islands that’s there for tourists who don’t like to party and suffer crowds. Instead, it attracts visitors with its nature and the pristine condition in which it’s kept. Chocolate Hills in Carmen, a UNESCO-protected site, is based on this island.

It’s also a sanctuary for the Tarsier primate. The sanctuary is run by a local family and you can stroll around it and see the strange and cute animals on your own. There’s a small fee that you’ll have to cover, but it’s more than worth it.

3. Cebu

Cebu is the island to visit if you’re coming to the Philippines for water sports such as diving and snorkeling. It attracts enthusiasts for years and if you want to see the sharks, coral reefs, and turtles up close, this is the place to go. Local sea caves are an especially important attraction you shouldn’t miss.

The caves are also an important site for those who dabble in underwater photography since it has some of the most beautiful underwater sites to explore and document. Sudlon National Park is an hour away when you decide to get out of the water and go for a hike.

4. Banaue

Banaue rice terraces are a must-see for anyone visiting the Philippines. They are the hallmark of the region with their beautiful emerald green view that nothing else in the region can mimic or top. The scenery is most beautiful at sunrise when the mountains can be seen in the distance.

The terraces are also protected by UNESCO.  If you take the time to visit the local villages while you’re there, you’ll get a feel and taste for the local culture that you couldn’t get by sticking to tourist destinations only.

All of these are just a small portion of what the Philippines have to offer and you could take a completely different trip on your next visit.

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