Comparing Online Shopping Portals and Actual Jewellery Shops

The most debatable question is about buying jewellery from a jewellery store or through online web portals. Even though the online portals have been i

The most debatable question is about buying jewellery from a jewellery store or through online web portals. Even though the online portals have been in the trend from the last decade, it has been a hit among the young crowd. But even though there are convenience and an easy process, people still prefer buying diamond jewellery from an authentic shop only. This article will compare the pros and cons of each of the modes to have better clarity about these modes of shopping.

Online shopping portals: online shopping portals are basically website based or application (or app, as it is called these days) based platforms that provide you with a range of products from either one single store or brand or from multiple stores or brands. These online portals have different categories for every kind of preference, budget range, occasion and so on. It also provided different modes of payment along with a lot of coupons through which one can avail discounts. If you are lucky enough, you can crack a good deal and save a lot of money. Check for rings, neck pieces, and earrings online as it is the best place to find these. You will definitely be spoilt for choice. Many of the online portals also provide scope for easy exchange and extended warranty options. The major limitation about this mode of shopping would be that if you do not have a proper internet connection, then your entire experience will be ruined. Apart from that, if you visit some unauthentic portal, you may fall prey to online data theft or credit card fraud. So it is important to have a good internet connection, and have an internet security feature in your device.

At the store option: as you may know, this is the best option if you want to actually see the product and then buy. Since stores are facing competition from online shopping portals, the stores these days are also providing discount options and various schemes to attract the crowd. You can check and compare the gold designs, diamond ring designs, traditional pieces and more than that if you have a design in mind, many store offers to create jewellery pieces of those designs for an additional cost. When you visit a store, one can rule out the fears of authenticity and one can demand a proper invoice as well. Some stores allow bargaining but some have fixed rates for their products. Compared to the online shopping portals, this mode of shopping requires more effort, for example, selecting a store of your choice, and then finding time to visit the store and so on. Apart from that, if you compare the discount options with online portals, stores provide comparatively less discount options. Another thing is that some store managers can be really good for the customers, while some can be really arrogant. Also, if there is a rush in the store, and then your patience will definitely be tested.