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How Does The Budwig Protocol For Cancer In Effective Against Cancer

The Budwig diet involves eating a mixture of the flaxseed, low-fat milk, and the cottage cheese. Well, there is no reliable evidence to prove that if

The Budwig diet involves eating a mixture of the flaxseed, low-fat milk, and the cottage cheese. Well, there is no reliable evidence to prove that if the Budwig diet is good enough to treat or prevent cancer. This diet was found by Dr. Johanna Budwig, who was a German biochemist. She used to believe in the combination of flaxseed oil and cheese. According to her, the mixture is going to make more omega-3 fatty acids available to the body cells. Her belief was that the oil could stop the cancer cells from growing any more. The falx is a plant which can be found in many parts of the world. When the seeds of the plants are pressed, then it will produce an oil which is known as flaxseed oil. The seeds of this plant are high in fibers, minerals, and vitamins. The Budwig diet is also very rich in fruits and vegetables.

Some foods that you must avoid while following the Budwig protocol for cancer are sugar, tea, coffee, pork, cold meats, all the dairy products including the butter, shellfish, refined oils, hydrogenated oils. These foods must be strictly avoided if you are serious about following the diet. According to Dr. Budwig, the patients must take a sunbath and take the walks with nature. They have to follow this schedule for at least 20 minutes a day. According to her, she believed that the sun is going to supply the body with various vitamins. The vitamins are something which is needed for strengthening the immune system. The vitamins are very good for the body as it can help balance the cholesterol as well as the pH levels of the body.

How is it effective against the Cancer?

The people are going to use the Budwig diet because the seeds of the flax contain omega-3 fatty acids. And according to the research, the omega-3 fatty acids are going to have an impact on the cancer cells. The research found out that there are certain chemicals which are associated with cancer and the omega-3 reduces those chemicals. The mixture which is also known as the Budwig diet has some anti-cancer and hormonal effects. The researchers are still investigating on this diet, and they cannot find the concrete evidence that it can treat or prevent cancer in Humans.

How can you follow the Budwig protocol for cancer?

The mixture of the flaxseed oil and the cottage cheese are the main ingredients of this diet. You can add fruits, nuts, honey to the mixture and you can have it anytime you want. Just remember to make a mixture of flaxseed oil, low-fat milk, and the cottage cheese first and then add what you need to add.

More research on the Budwig diet and cancer:

There is no proof that the Budwig diet treats or cures cancer or treats it. But still, the research has shown that it can strengthen up the immune system. This diet is helpful for fighting cancer cells.

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