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Lime Plaster and its Significant Benefits for Walls

Plastering of buildings is a centuries-old tradition meant for the strengthening of walls. After constructing a structure with bricks or stones, it re

Plastering of buildings is a centuries-old tradition meant for the strengthening of walls. After constructing a structure with bricks or stones, it requires a coating that protects the walls from climatic and human impacts. During the evolution of plastering arterial from clay to cement, several materials come to existence. Some of them were extinct with time, whereas others are still in trend because of their usability. You have to choose the plastering material after checking its practical approach according to your location. A plastering agency can help in making such kind of decisions because they know which kind of material will be suitable according to your location. Currently, lime is one of the oldest & most preferred plastering materials all around the world. Here are some strong reasons why it is better than cement or any other popular plastering material.

Lime Plaster and Its Benefits

This is one of the oldest known plastering materials and still trending because of the unique properties. As the name is illustrating, it is a lime based plaster that can be used as a plastering material with a homogeneous mixture of sand and water. Here are some important benefits of choosing plastering companies with lime material in their service list.

1. Lime is a breathable plastering material

The term breathable means it doesn’t lock the moisture inside and helps in extending the wall’s life. Consequently, it is the best material to use in humid regions for plastering purpose. Even if you are not living in a humid region, lime is also a useful product to use in the bathroom’s plastering because it is one of the most humid areas at homes.

2. Smooth and beautiful finishing

If you are interested in ornamental plastering, lime is the best option. The calcite crystals of lime encourage double light refraction that gives eye-catching soft texture. Its soft finishing also provides a great platform for giving smoothest paint finishing.

3. Self-healing property

The properties like self-healing and smooth finishing are the major reasons why lime is still in trend since 7200 B.C. as the time passes, slight movements in earth’s crust may affect the foundation or walls to an extent. Recovering from cement plaster from such movements is not possible because of its stiffness. However, moisture in lime dissolves it and fills inside the minor cracks that no one can notice. As the climate changes, you can see a significant fading in the cracks which is beneficial for building’s health as well as for overall appearance too.

4. Long lasting

Despite smooth and soft finishing, lime is a long-lasting plastering material. If the plastering job is done by CoburgPlasterers.com or any other proficient agency, its chances of survival will be much higher than cement. Some ancient buildings survive for more than 500 years only with the help of lime coating.

5. Eco-Friendly

Lime is an eco-friendly option because it is made with natural ingredients. If you are concerned about environmental health, choose lime undouble. It doesn’t leave any carbon footprint which is good for nature.

6. Alkaline properties

This is another major reason to prefer it for humid regions. The alkaline properties of lime plaster don’t allow the fungus to grow on walls. Humid locations are the perfect environments for the fungus to grow and spread and rapidly. If you opt out lime for exterior walls, it will keep your building new and shining for a long time without maintenance. Moreover just antifungal property, it also promotes a comfortable interior environment by stabilising the humidity.

7. Protects bricks & mortar

The construction material like stones, bricks and mortar need protection from outer environmental impacts. The breathability of lime helps in managing the moisture at its outer layer and prevents adjacent materials from corrosive salts.
From the above points, it is clear that lime is a great plastering option because of the several advantages. The properties like anti-fungal, smooth finishing, breathability and eco-friendliness are some reasons to prefer lime over cement.

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