The Differences between IPL and Laser Hair Removal Technologies

Forget the razors, the epilators and periodical waxing routines – laser IPL machines have changed the very processes of hair removal. Advanced and cut

Forget the razors, the epilators and periodical waxing routines – laser IPL machines have changed the very processes of hair removal. Advanced and cutting-edge technologies have made these devices safe and treatments affordable and most critically, without any side effects.

Further, procedures on IPL laser hair removal equipment are quick and effective with one permanent hair removal session being completed in under half an hour on the average. The patient can resume normal routine immediately after without having to go through long recuperation periods. This is because hair removal and skin rejuvenation on the latest machines running on IPL and laser technologies are non-surgical and non-invasive, unlike other traditional cosmetic procedures.  

People often make the mistake of clubbing laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) equipment together when they are actually quite different. Both the technologies were approved for beauty care treatments by the regulatory authorities in the mid-90s and since then have been commercially available. However, innovations and research have significantly refined the functioning of the early machines to ones that are used today.

How does laser IPL permanent hair removal work?

Beams of light are directed at the area being treated. These enter the surface of the skin and are absorbed by melanin, the pigment at the root of the hair follicle. Light energy is converted to heat energy and the melanin along with the strand of hair is destroyed, thereby stopping future re-growth. However, this procedure is effective on growing hair only, and hence a number of sessions are required for complete hair removal.

Since the procedure is complicated, patients should choose the best laser clinics for permanent hair removal. These clinics should have top-quality machines installed in their premises and highly trained and experienced technicians to handle them.       

A comparison between IPL and laser technologies shows some interesting aspects.

  • Lasers are precise and narrow beams of light that can target specific areas and hair follicles. It works on all skin types and hair colour while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.
  • IPL is a lesser effective technology but is cheaper and more affordable than laser treatments.
  • Since laser operated devices emit concentrated beams of light, they can treat several hairs at once. Each laser pulse that destroys hairs from the root is generated in a fraction of a second, making it a faster process over IPL. Hence it is ideal to treat larger body areas.
  • Laser run machines can be adjusted to address specific skin tones and hair colour. It is safe for all skin colours whereas IPL is not suitable for dark skin tones and can cause burns.
  • Typically, both take about 5 to 6 sessions for complete and permanent hair removal though this can vary from person to person.  

While laser IPL machines are both used in hair reduction processes, the main difference lies in the technology used and the properties of the light transmitted by the respective devices.

  • Laser Hair Removal – Laser run machines produce a single wavelength of light of one colour and form that can hit a specific target. In this case, it is the melanin at the root of the hair. The technician or dermatologist will evaluate the skin and hair type and adjust the machine to emit the exact wavelength that will optimise the treatment.   
  • IPLRemoval – IPL machines transmit a broad spectrum of light and not a single focussed beam. Since these beams are scattered and have different wavelengths, the light will be stopping at various depths below the skin. Hence not all will reach the root of the hair to damage the melanin. Additionally, some of the spread out light will be absorbed by the surrounding skin, leading to the possibility of heating of skin pigment. This is why IPL is not suitable for darker skin types.

Both have their pros and cons.

If you visit Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre , a top-of-the-line advanced beauty-care experts clarify all your doubts at the consultation stage. However, there is no doubt that these are the best options available today for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments.

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