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How Can You Keep Your Fire Pits Dry During The Rainy Seasons?

Firepits are great for gathering your loved ones for an entertaining evening where all of you can relax. They are generally the central piece of attra

Firepits are great for gathering your loved ones for an entertaining evening where all of you can relax. They are generally the central piece of attraction for backyards and are excellent for every home that loves hosting parties and events for their special ones. However, there are some regions where rain is constant. When the firepit becomes wet, it lands up, looking like a soggy mess. If you want to protect your firepit dry in the rainy season and make it look as impeccable as ever, keep these salient tips in mind-

Ways to keep your firepit dry during the rainy season-

  1. Commercial systems are designed to stop water from entering the firepit; however, you should not completely rely on this system. The bottoms of the firepit must have weep holes to permit the water drainage. There should be a drain under the pan of the pit to stop water from pooling. In case your firepit is near a slope, take advantage of this, and build a drainage ditch contoured in nature to make any extra water flow out. 
  2. Invest in a good cover- There are firepit covers you can buy in the market. They ensure the rainwater is kept out of the firepit. They are easily available in different pricebrackets and simple for you to use. They are available in different materials like metal and copper. They come in different designs and finishes too. 
  3. Make sure that you clean your firepit regularly- Ensure that you clean the firepit regularly. The mix of ash and rain is unpleasant, and cleaning the acidity can harm stone and metal. If leaves and sticks come in with the water, it allows the ash to build in a pile that not only looks unruly but emits a strange odor as well. If left unattended, this same pile will begin to freeze and later thaw with temperature changes. This invites rusting and intense damage to the structure.

Movable firepits 

If you are buying a firepit for your home, you can opt for the movable fire pit that can be moved from one place to another without hassles at all. The biggest advantage of a movable firepit is that you can take them and store them inside a shed during the rainy season. 

When it comes to buying firepits for your home, you should choose the one that meets your backyard landscape’s needs the best. You can contact professionals to help you out when it comes to design, budget, and style. However, if you live in a region where rains and snow are prevalent, it is prudent for you to invest in a good movable fire pit to keep it safe during these months.

In case you already have a firepit, keep the above points in mind when it comes to taking care of it during the rainy season. Invest in a good firepit cover and protect it entirely from the harsh rains and snow. In this way, it will be safe and keep you entertained with its warmth when you are spending quality time with your loved ones. 

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