8 Jamaican Restaurants in Frederick, MD You Have to Try

Are you looking for a great Jamaican restaurant in Maryland? If so, you’re in luck: there are plenty of options when you want to find delicious, flav

Are you looking for a great Jamaican restaurant in Maryland? If so, you’re in luck: there are plenty of options when you want to find delicious, flavorful Jamaican food in Maryland. You can even find a range of great Jamaican restaurant options in Frederick MD, which is home to some of the best Jamaican food in Maryland options out there today. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 Jamaican restaurant in Maryland options you need to try if you love Jamaican food.

A quick note on finding a great Jamaican restaurant Frederick MD: make sure that you check out the restaurant’s online web page or social media to look for menus as well as reviews from actual customers. These reviews will give you a general idea of which are the most popular dishes at each restaurant and can guide you towards helpful advice like which dishes are most spicy, etc., which are helpful when dining out anywhere new.

Without further waiting, let’s take a closer look at the 8 best Jamaican food in Maryland options.

Jerk N Jive Caribbean Kitchen

Jerk N Jive Caribbean Kitchen is the most popular Jamaican restaurant in Frederick, MD and for good reason: this popular restaurant serves up a range of authentic Jamaican dishes at reasonable prices and best of all, with generous portions. The restaurant’s many options include Jamaican staples such as jerk chicken, curry, rice dishes and much more. Whether you’re dining in or getting take out, be sure to leave room for dessert!

The Caribbean Flavor             

The Caribbean Flavor is another excellent choice for Jamaican food in Frederick MD; this restaurant features classical Jamaican dishes served up with plenty of spice and flavor. Their menu includes popular dishes such as various soups, stews, ackee and saltfish, curried meats, and of course, jerk chicken. Make sure that you leave room for some coconut drops or traditional coconut cake!

Island Zests

If you love zesty, spicy and flavorful food, then this Jamaican restaurant is definitely the one for you. Island Zests menu features fragrant dishes that are sure to please anyone who is looking to excite their taste buds with a range of different spices. Classical options include spicy curries, minced patties, as well as daily specials that change depending on the preferences of the chef. Seafood is another staple at this restaurant, so if you love food from the sea, it is a great choice.


Cane is one of the newer options in the area, but it’s definitely one of the best and most popular restaurants already. It serves up traditional dishes such as jerk chicken wings, a variety of fresh buns, curries and more.

Caribbean Corner

Caribbean Corner has hearty dishes with even heartier portions. Popular options include oxtail and brown stew chicken, along with chicken curry, stewed cabbages, jerk chicken and the option to order combination plates which come with complementary plantains.

The Real Deal Jamaican Restaurant

If you are looking for truly authentic cuisine, then The Real Deal Jamaican Restaurant—as the name suggests—is a great place to stop. Notably, the prices at The Real Deal are very affordable, especially considering the large and generous portions. Popular choices here include goat curry, jerk chicken, and oxtail. Diners may want to note the spice levels on the jerk chicken and curry goat, which tend to be a bit spicier on average than other restaurants—so if spice is a concern, make sure to tell your server that you’d like it toned down a bit.

Caribbean Plate

Caribbean Plate is a popular restaurant that is well known for their authentic dishes, including curry chicken, minced beef patties, sweet plantains, as well as oxtails and fish dishes. The portions at Caribbean Plate tend to be on the generous side, and although the restaurant is slightly pricier than other options on the list, the high quality of the ingredients and large portions more than make up for the price difference.

Caribbean Goodness

Caribbean Goodness services up classical dishes such as jerk chicken, chicken patties, grilled salmon, brown stewed chicken and much more. Diners should consider some of the many dessert options, including the plain rum cake and coco bread.

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