Best Healthy Food and Nutritional Foods For Everyone

In today’s fast pace era of quick meal fixes and junk food, a balanced diet and proper nutrition are often compromised, leading to a number of nutriti

In today’s fast pace era of quick meal fixes and junk food, a balanced diet and proper nutrition are often compromised, leading to a number of nutritional deficiencies that give rise to a variety of diseases. You might be ignoring some superfoods around you with all their wholesome benefits to offer. Here we have some of the best healthy foods that can greatly improve overall health and wellbeing.

Dark Chocolate

Strictly referring to non-sugary chocolate containing at least 75-80 % cocoa, dark chocolate is one of the world’s bestantioxidant sources and can significantly lower heart disease risk.

Enriched with fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and selenium, dark chocolate also improves circulation and helps in lowering blood pressure. It increases levels of heart healthy fats and may also reduce diabetes risk. Improvement of blood flow to the brain and protection of the skin against sun damage are added benefits of dark chocolate consumption. Just be careful not to go overboard to keep your calorie count under control!

Chia Seeds

One of the top healthy foods in the health industry, chia seeds are something fitness freaks swear by. This easily digestible addition to your meals is loaded with heart-healthy, anti-aging antioxidants. The superfood is beneficial for your digestion, skin, bones, sugar levels, energy levels and weight loss in addition to other health benefits.

Whether eaten soaked, ground or whole, these high fiber seeds originating from Mexico are rich in fiber, manganese, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and some essential vitamins and fatty acids.

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Himalayan Pink Salt

Isolated from the ancient sea salt deposits of Khewra Mines in Pakistan, Himalayan Pink Salt is the latest trend in healthy eating.

Popular for its exquisite taste, lower sodium levels, and the high amounts of minerals it has to offer as compared to normal table salt, it is replacing white salt in many health conscious homes.

Free from the toxins and pollutants in refined table salt, genuine Himalayan Pink Salt is extracted in its organic, pure form and has a sandy-pink hue to it. Himalayan crystal salt is believed to have numerous positive effects on health including improvement of water levels, pH levels, blood sugar, electrolyte balance, respiration, vascular health, reproductive health, reduction of cramps and kidney and gallbladder health.

The rigorous procedure by which common table salt is processed and refined makes it a ‘dead’ food. This is why many people are preferring Himalayan Pink Salt instead, with its 84 trace minerals and unique stores of vibrational energy.


This much loved flavorful addition to your favorite recipes has a lot of health benefits to offer apart from its taste!

The medicinal properties of this popular spice have been well known since ancient times. With its plethora of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and anti-diabetic effects, cinnamon can protect against cancer, heart disease, high blood sugar and various infections.

These are just a few superfoods that can improve your overall health and wellbeing by a significant degree. A balanced diet and proper nutrition itself can protect against a variety of ailments.

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